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The Creature from Cleveland Depths

Fritz Leiber

Book Overview: 

“The Creature from Cleveland Depths” also known as “The Lone Wolf” tells the story of a writer and his wife who refuse to move below-ground after the cold-war gets hot. The underground society discovers a decline in their ability to creatively innovate, and must consult with surface dwellers to develop products that satiate the needs of a people living like moles. But the latest product to result from this alliance, “The Tickler” has frightening implications that only our heroes seem to notice.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Now you’re kidding,” he accused Fay. “The dirty kind of kidding, too.”

“I’m sorry,” Fay said with light contrition. “Well, now you’ve sniffed at it, how about trying on Tickler?” He picked up the gleaming blunted crescent and jogged it temptingly under Gusterson’s chin.

“Why should I?” Gusterson asked, stepping back. “Fay, I’m up to my ears writing a book. The last thing I want is something interrupting me to make me listen to a lot of junk and do a lot of useless things.”

“But, dammit, Gussy! It was all your idea in the first place!” Fay blatted. Then, catching himself, he added, “I mean, you were one of the first people to think of this particular sort of instrument.”

“Maybe so, but I’ve done some more thinking since then.” Gusterson’s voice grew a trifle so. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Review from Badelynge
I used to read a lot of Fritz Leiber's work when I was younger. This one's a sharp little novella with the somewhat prescient speculative warning of the dangers of allowing machines to think for us and organize our lives. What is so clever about that, you might say, as you fiddl

A cautionary tale about technology and being depended on it too much. You could almost replace the "Tickler" with a "smart" phone.


This story serves as a sort of prophetic tale. It is an interesting look at dawning AI and man’s quick dependence on new technology.


His other book I read (can’t remember title) was worlds better. This was a nice silly story that promised more than it delivered. Fay is compared to an ant at the beginning and I was hoping for something more exotic in his anatomy than a little thin chested man. Daisy’s eroticism was well matche

This was a twisted little story that involved wetware.

Thought this was going to be about some slimy monstrosity crawling its way out of the depths of a murky lake, going by the title. Was surprised to find that it was sci-fi! (I knew nothing of this story before I read it; it was recommended to me as something I might like).

Bit of a rambling beginning,

Terrifyingly relevant

Fritz Leiber's "The Creature from Cleveland Depths" --One of my favorite genre is dystopian based stories and ESPECIALLY if they are older books! There are a few favorite modern ones I loved but I prefer to read about what people in the past wrote or thought about these societies. In High School, O

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