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Cousin Henry

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Indefer Jones struggles to name an heir to his estate. Will he choose his favorite niece, Isabel, or a male heir? The story turns on the trouble that arises when Indefer fails to tell anyone his final decision before passing away.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .the sherry and biscuits after the operation, was well acquainted with all the testamentary circumstances of the occasions. Nothing of that kind had occurred now; but old Joseph Cantor, who had been a tenant on the property for the last thirty years, and his son, Joseph Cantor the younger, had been called in, and it was supposed that they had performed the duty of witnessing the document. The housekeeper seemed to think that they, when interrogated, had declined to give any information on the subject. She herself had not seen them, but she had seen others of the tenants, and she was certain, she said, that Llanfeare generally believed that the old Squire had executed a will during the absence of his niece.

In answer to all this Isabel simply said that if a new will, which should turn out to be the real will, had actually been made, it would be found among her uncle's papers. She knew well the manner in which those other wills had been tied and deposited in one of. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Horrible book not recommended for anyone. I didn't like anyone but especially disliked Isabel and her old servants. The whole lot were "stuck in the mire" and could not conceive of a new thought. They all stuck together in an unreal way but I guess small towns are much this way. Poor Henry as he tur

Esta historia arranca con el tío Indefer y su preocupación por morir pronto, sin saber si dejará sus propiedades y bienes a su querida y favorita sobrina Isabel o a su detestable y nada querido sobrino Henry. Lo que lo hace dudar, ante una decisión que a simple vista parece ser sencilla, es una trad

Very readable and enjoyable.

Surprisingly I enjoyed Cousin Henry. The plot revolves around a missing will and Henry’s trial and tribulations as to whether to make it known where the will is located. He is the heir from a previous will and the new missing will gives the estate to Isobel his cousin and the favorite of the uncle w

A fascinating story and very different from the few other Trollope novels I have read.

I feel like I hated the characters I was meant to like, Isabel and Mr. Apjohn, and felt pity and compassion towards the one I was supposed to dislike, Cousin Henry.
From the start I could not understand why Cousin H

Another great Anthony Trollope - rich and smart and complex. Probably a good one to start with as it's scope is less wide than some of his work. Highly recommended!

This may be the first Trollope I have read that I found to be really ho-hum. It lacked the depth of his other books in terms of both plot and character. Frankly, it probably deserved 2-stars but I couldn't bring myself to give Trollope anything fewer than 3.

A study in obstinacy, guilt, and detection. Trollope does all well. This is not his best novel, but it is a good one.

Henry, Henry, Henry, what are you DOING to yourself?

This is a very clever book. The story is very simple and we are told the whole plot within a few short chapters (plot spoilers coming):

An old man tries to do ‘the right thing’ but is riven by doubts. He makes a new will, invites his nephew (Cousin

Four years ago I started to read my first Trollope - 'Cousin Henry' - for a Classics Circuit tour. I didn't get on with the book, I didn't finish it, but I at least had the sense to write:

"I suspect that I may still come to love Trollope. I just need another time and another book."

When I saw the sam

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