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This Country of Ours

H. E. Marshall

Book Overview: 

Marshall’s book of stories from the history of the United States begins with accounts of exploration and settlement, and ends with the presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

Part 1: Stories of Explorers and Pioneers, from Leif Ericson to Sir Walter Raleigh.

Part 2: Stories of Virginia, from chapter 13 (Captain John Smith) to chapter 21 (The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe).

Part 3: Stories of New England, from chapter 22 (The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers) to chapter 34 (The Witches of Salem).

Part 4: Stories of the Middle and Southern Colonies, from chapter 35 (The Founding of Maryland) to chapter 44 (The Founding of Georgia).

Part 5: Stories of the French in America, from chapter 45 (How the Mississippi was Discovered) to chapter 50 (The Rebellion of Pontiac).

Part 6: Stories of the Struggle for Liberty, from chapter 51 (The Boston Tea-Party) to chapter 63 (A Turning Point in the World's History).

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Book Excerpt: 
. . ., an island to the south which he had heard was very fertile. But the weather was stormy, and before they had gone far the Delight was wrecked, and nearly all on board were lost.

"This was a heavy and grievous event, to lose at one blow our chief ship freighted with great provision, gathered together with much travail, care, long time, and difficulty. But more was the loss of our men to the number almost of a hundred souls." So wrote Master Edward Hay who commanded the Golden Hind, and who afterwards wrote the story of the expedition.

After this "heavy chance" the two ships that remained beat up and down tacking with the wind, Sir Humphrey hoping always that the weather would clear up and allow him once more to get near land. But day by day passed. The wind and waves continued as stormy as ever, and no glimpse of land did the weary sailors catch.

It was bitterly cold, food was growing scarce, and day by. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A wonderful forest view of American history. This book is of a higher reading level than "Our Island Home", so it can be slower reading. For a book written in 1917, it has aged well, though students will need to be reminded that the book was written during WWI and references to "of all the president

A very good American history book for children to read.

This is a good general American History book, and that's what we used it for. It begins at the very beginning with exploration, not native americans, and ends at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Well, I did learn a lot about US History...there is that.

However, the viewpoint of the sneaky, savage natives vs. the gallant, civilized Christian Europeans made for a less enjoyable, credible read than might have been.

Mostly Excellsnt.

I learned more about American history than I knew from school. The early history of
the various colonies is never taught. School texts jump straight to the Mayflower and Thanksgiving the revolution, the constitution, the civil war, a nd the world wars, which leaves out so much other

Incredibly outdated and full of prejudice and half-truths, our copy also contained numerous misspellings, typos, and grammatical errors. As a read-aloud, it wasn't awful, but there are plenty of American history books for kids that would do a better job.

Many things we didn't know are now known

Many things were learned about our early beginnings that have been not widely known. So many revelations that were made have been eye opening. Interesting and educational.

3.5 rounded up

This wasn't quite as entertaining to me as "Our Island Story", but I still loved it!! It had so many cool details that I never got to hear from my normal history books. I loved hearing more of the French, Spanish, and Indian perspectives of our country and hear more about the men and women who have

Just started this and I already love it. Can't wait to read it to the kids. This is an excellent resource to accompany United States history studies. Engaging and entertaining. Thanks, Zelda.

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