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Considerations on Representative Government

John Stuart Mill

Book Overview: 

Mill covers what forms of government work best, including when representative government is applicable and when not. He details appropriate functions of representative bodies and warns of problems to avoid. He distinguishes between true and false democracy. Other areas covered include how voting is carried out, the role of a second chamber in Parliament, and how an executive branch might function.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . ., patriotism, and enlargement of mind, which, as national qualities, are the fruits solely of freedom, it relapses in a few generations into the Oriental state. And that state does not mean stupid tranquillity, with security against change for the worse; it often means being overrun, conquered, and reduced to domestic slavery either by a stronger despot, or by the nearest barbarous people who retain along with their savage rudeness the energies of freedom.

Such are not merely the natural tendencies, but the inherent necessities of despotic government; from which there is no outlet, unless in so far as the despotism consents not to be despotism; in so far as the supposed good despot abstains from exercising his power, and, though holding it in reserve, allows the general business of government to go on as if the people really governed themselves. However little probable it may be, we may imagine a despot observing many of the rules and restraints of constitutio. . . Read More

Community Reviews

يبدأ مِل كتابه بإستعراض مراحل التطور السياسى لدى الشعوب مُنَظِراً لأفضل أشكال الحكم المناسبة لكل شعب تبعاً لمستوى نضجه السياسى والأخلاقى ، ثم يتجه إلى جدل طويل لأجل إيجاد أفضل أشكال الحكم - المرتبطة بالضرورة بأعلى درجة من التطور السياسى للأمة - والتى تقتصر فى زمنه على الغرب عموماً وعلى إنجلترا والول

مرد زمانه‌ی خودش بوده. به احترامش کلاه را از سر برمی‌دارم.

عظيم بس رجعي وفيه داء المركزية الغربية ونمذجة أوروبا.. شكرًا يا حاج مِل بس احنا دلوقتي مش عايزين برلمان احنا عايزين كوكب بدل اللي خرب

Exceedingly dull. Avoid!

O texto é de 1861. É uma obra clássica, mas bem enfadonha de ser lida. Basicamente, o autor defende a democracia representativa como melhor forma de governo. Muitos dos argumentos de Mill são estritamente aristocráticos: os representantes têm mais educação e conhecimento, enquanto os representados,

Absolutely excellent treatise on representative government, exploring every aspect of it as well as suggesting some controversial ideas (plural voting). My one criticism is I would’ve liked an overview or concluding chapter just because the book is relatively long. Nevertheless, reading John Stuart

با جزییات بسیار مطلوبی به ارائه راهکارهایی برای دموکراسی یا حکومت انتخابی می پردازد
مطالعه این کتاب رو توصیه می کنم اطلاعات بسیار مطلوبی دارد و زوایای زیادی از حکومت های انتخابی را مورد بررسی قرار داده است
نظریاتش در باب ممالک عقب افتاده ای که هنوز شایستگی دموکراسی ندارند جالب است

What a brilliant book. I would never consider myself a proponent of utilitarian philosophy nor have I ever had a desire to be thought of as a utilitarian apologist, but if there is any work by Mill that could possibly reorient me towards utilitarianism it would be this text. The book is systematical

The first 8 chapters are well worth reading.

His thoughts on under what circumstances representative government can work is extremely simple, so simple that it is easy to dismiss as useful information, until you realize we are not meeting those criterion. They are 1) the people must be willing to ac

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