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Comic History of England

Bill Nye

Book Overview: 

Edgar Wilson “Bill” Nye was a distinguished American journalist, who later became widely known as a humorist. This is a recital of the many eventful events which transpired in England from the Druids to Henry VIII.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The Danes had meantime rifled the country with their cross-guns and killed Edmund, the good king of East Anglia, who was afterwards canonized, though gunpowder had not then been invented.

Alfred was not only a godly king, but had a good education, and was a great admirer of Dickens and Thackeray. (This is put in as a titbit for the critic.)

He preferred literature to the plaudits of the nobility and the sedentary life on a big white-oak throne. On the night before his coronation his pillow was wet with tears.

And in the midst of it all here came the Danes wearing heavy woollen clothes and introducing their justly celebrated style of honest sweat.

Alfred fought as many as eight battles with them in one year. They agreed at last to accept such portions of the country as were assigned them, but they were never known to abide by any treaty, and they put the red man of America to shame as p. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The text is amusing and clever. Harold did not merely die at the battle of Hastings, he "abandoned the fight in order to investigate the surprises of a future state."

On William the Conquerer:
"William's death was one of the most attractive features of his reign."

On the common people:
"The common p

Pretty funny :)
That crisp, classy, sardonic British wit...

Quips :

“These early Britons were suitable only to act as ancestors. Aside from that, they had no good points.”

“The Druids largely lived in the woods in summer and in debt during the winter.”

“They believed in human sacrifice… On Giblet

Bill Nye (not the science guy) conducts a "humorous" tour through the history of England. A lot of the humor was funny 100 years ago, and much of the content was culturally relevant at the time of writing, which means I didn't get it, or did but didn't find it funny. Still, there are a few zingers h

All history books should be written like this, this is hilarious!

Pretty funny

Very funny interpretation of British history from a "modern" (1906) point of view. It had me grinning to myself quite a bit. However, it is necessary to have a pretty good idea of British history to understand the witticisms.

This is a very superficial and silly survey of the history of England from the Roman occupation to the reign of Elizabeth, the last monarch of England before it became the United Kingdom under her nephew James I. While I didn't find it laugh out loud funny, it is full of absurd references, ironic me

Not the real Bill Nye

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