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The Clicking of Cuthbert

P. G. Wodehouse

Book Overview: 

Join the Oldest Member…whether you like it or not…and be carried on a magic carpet ride through the world of golf, love, and…aunts…as seen through the eyes of the creator of Jeeves and Wooster and Blandings Castle, the inimitable Pelham (Plum) Grenville Wodehouse.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Old man, have you ever sent one right up the edge of that bunker in front of the seventh and just not gone in?"

"Very rarely."

"I did once. It was my second shot, from a good lie, with the light iron, and I followed well through and thought I had gone just too far, and, when I walked up, there was my ball on the edge of the bunker, nicely teed up on a chunk of grass, so that I was able to lay it dead with my mashie-niblick, holing out in six. Well, what I mean to say is, I feel now as I felt then—as if some unseen power had withheld me in time from some frightful disaster."

"I know just how you feel," said Peter, gravely.

"Peter, old man, that girl said golf bored her pallid. She said she thought it was the silliest game ever invented." He paused to mark the effect of his words. Peter merely smiled a faint, wan smile. "You don't seem revolted," said James.

"I am revolted, but . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Fore! Some years ago a friend of mine encouraged me to take up Golf so I could join him in a strange world of tournaments, competitions and social events that would otherwise be closed to me. He offered to take me out on a round to get me into the ‘swing’ of things. Some five hours, one hundred and

"Their friendship ripened rapidly, as friendships do in the South of France. In that favoured clime, you find the girl and Nature does the rest."

"I am not a married man myself, so have had no experience of how it feels to have one's wife whizz off silently into the unknown; but I imagine it must be

A collection of golf stories, mostly narrated by the Oldest Member. Even a non-golfer such as myself can enjoy these short stories!


These pretend to be golf stories, but they aren't. They're the same old delightful Wodehouse: the right sort of young man is pining for a girl, difficulties ensue, he gets the girl anyway. And there's a lot of golf club paraphernalia lying about, and golf games of great importance in settling the ma

The Oldest Member no longer plays golf, but sits on the terrace of the golf club and watches others play. Younger players come to him for advice and he tells them stories of golfers and romance. Funny, but if I was a golfer and understood anything at all about the game I probably would have thought

Ten stories, all with the common theme of golf and its tortures. Amusing but not particularly laugh out loud funny. Some great turns of phrase and wonderful images but I have noticed one constant. This is the second volume of his short stories that i have read and though i am always aware of which c

What I know about golf - nil.
What I thought about the sport in general - Boring.
What the central theme of the stories in this book was - Golf.

And yet here I am rating a book about golf as magnificent, which just goes to show the genius of Wodehouse. All the stories in this book had me in splits. Don

“In the days of King Arthur nobody thought the worse of a young knight if he suspended all his social and business engagements in favour of a search for the Holy Grail. In the Middle Ages a man could devote his whole life to the Crusades, and the public fawned upon him. Why, then, blame the man of t

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