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Théophile Gautier

Book Overview: 

This is the story of a priest named Romauld, and his all-consuming love for the beautiful courtesan, Clarimonde.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .the vault seemed to have flattened down upon my shoulders, and it seemed to me that my head alone sustained the whole weight of the dome.

As I was about to cross the threshold a hand suddenly caught mine—a woman's hand! I had never till then touched the hand of any woman. It was cold as a serpent's skin, and yet its impress remained upon my wrist, burnt there as though branded by a glowing iron. It was she. 'Unhappy man! Unhappy man! What hast thou done?' she exclaimed in a low voice, and immediately disappeared in the crowd.

The aged bishop passed by. He cast a severe and scrutinising look upon me. My face presented the wildest aspect imaginable: I blushed and turned pale alternately; dazzling lights flashed before my eyes. A companion took pity on me. He seized my arm and led me out. I could not possibly have found my way back to the seminary unassisted. At the corner of a street, while the young priest's attention was momentarily turned in a. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Theofile Gautier

Nunca me canso de leer este relato tanto que he perdido la cuanta de las veces que lo he hecho. Para mi es el paradigma del cuento de vampiras. Siempre que pregunto sobre este tipo de cuentos, me nombran Carmilla y me detallan por qué les fascina. Si, "Carmilla" es un buen cuento , p

I love Théophile Gautier, he is one of my favorite french author and poet. He wrote so beautifully with such rich vocabulary and his stories are all so beautiful as well. In this book are a few of his dark fantasy short stories and one of them involves a vampire, a tragic love story. The French saw

Gothic writing at its finest!!! What an unexpected treasure found inside the pages of a vampire anthology!

Loved every word. So descriptive, each phrase brimming with passion and enthusiasm. I fell in love with Clarimonde and Romualdo as they fell in love with with each other. Sparkling and ingenious

Uno de los relatos de vampiros más divertidos que he leído, o por lo menos yo me reí varias veces sea intencional o no.
La pocas quejas que tengo son, el nombre Clarimunda...realmente no quiero leer sobre esta femme fatale, devoradora de hombres y que se llame así,me hace pensar en una señora de 90

I read CLarimonde La Morte Amoureuse in French (The Lover Dead), because there’s nothing better than Théophile Gautier in French… sorry for you, dear friend readers!

As soon as the first sentence: “You ask me, brother, if I have loved? I have.” we have only one desire: to read all the others! It's si

Pequeño relato, pionero del vampirismo. Con una trama muy simple y moralizante, aunque con una cosa interesante, no se juzga severamente a la vampira, que al fin de cuentas actuaba por amor. Ricas descripciones y una ambientación lograda.

Junto con las cuatro mujeres de Poe (Ligeia, Morella, Eleonora y Berenice), Vera es el típico ejemplo de la fèmme fatale del Romanticismo, con la muerte como mediadora entre los amantes.

Pretty good gothic short story. For some reason I pictured Clarimonde looking either like Isabelle Adjani or Monica Belluci.

"She was rather tall, with a form and bearing of a goddess. Her hair, of a soft blonde hue, was parted in the midst and flowed back over her temples in two rivers of rippling g

An awesomely aged vampire tales that can afford being hilariously exaggerated, considering its age; and a mighty fine example of erotic fiction.

This collection includes four horror stories with gothic elements. La Morte Amoureuse, Le Chevalier double, Le Pied de momie and Deux acteurs pour un rôle. La Morte Amoureuse – Clarimonde – is the first and the most interesting.

The story centers around a priest, Romuald, and his meeting with a young

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