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Chronicle of the Cid


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Book Excerpt: 
. . .hops who had come thither to make accord between him and his sister Doña Urraca, and they heard what the Cid said, and knew that he said truly; for whatever good speed King Don Sancho had had in his doings was all by means of my Cid. And the King said unto them, I beseech all ye who are here present, Counts and Ricos-omes, and all my other vassals, that if my brother King Don Alfonso should come from the land of the Moors, ye beseech him to show favour unto you, my Cid, and that he always be bountiful unto you, and receive you to be his vassal; and if he alway doth this and listen unto you, he will not be badly advised. Then the Cid arose and kissed his Wand, and all the chief persons who were there present did the like. And after this the King said unto them, I beseech ye intreat my brother King Don Alfonso to forgive me whatever wrong I have done him, and to pray to God to have mercy upon my soul. And when he had said this he asked for the candle, and presently his soul departed. An. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This book has it all! Swords! Dancing! And beards! All tangled up in an epic "historic" poem. The Cid--a gallantly bearded knight banished by his king for crimes he did not commit--goes smiting and smashing all over Spain, killing Moors like flies and creating a kingdom of his own by the sweat of...more

From a modern American perspective, The Cid seems an odd choice for a national hero. He was a highly successful battle commander, but half his career was spent as a raider. He lived off the lands of Moors who had done him no wrong and lived under the protection of christian nobles. So in one of T...more

Clásico si los hay.
No creo que todos los clásicos merezcan una super nota por su fama.
Rodrigo es interesante y este libro cuenta un momentos de algunos años de su vida, considero que le faltan detalles para llegar más al lector, la forma de 'cantar' creo que lo impide, por eso algo que sí se debe...more

It is our Odyssey, our Iliad. If most English/American authors can be traced back to Shakespeare and Homer, ours can be traced back to Cervantes and Mio Cid.

The Poem of the Cid, the first great work of Spanish literature, tells the story of the 11th century military leader Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, his unjust exile, his rehabilitation through military conquest and tribute, and his search for justice following the humiliation and abuse of his two daughte...more

Another ‘well, no wonder it’s a classic’ from my project of reading from Philip Ward’s A Lifetime's Reading: Five Hundred Great Books to be Enjoyed over 50 Years.

But Poem of the Cid can be two different types of experience. I read two translation side by side. I started with Paul Blackburn’s mod...more

The Song of the Cid, like The Song of Roland, is a story from the Spanish frontier, set amidst the wars between Christians and Moors. The opening of the poem has been lost, but by this chance we are dropped straight into the action. The Cid, already a legendary warrior in the service of King Alfo...more

¡Ah! ¡El Cantar del buen Cid! ¿A quién se le pudo ocurrir obligar a un niñato de 14 a digerir esta joya? ¡No tiene ni boca ni sesos para hacerlo!

Ahora a mis 32 en cambio, he sonreido y sonreido, acariciando la misma copia de páginas amarillentas que compre alla en 1993 so pena de Rojo en la libre...more

This book has been sitting around my bookshelves for a long time, ever since a friend from college gave it to me on a whim; and because of my impending trip to Spain, I finally decided to pick it up. It is a quick and light read; and I was pleased to find out that this is the oldest extant epic p...more

I've wanted to read The Song of My Cid since the age of 16, when I visited Toledo, Spain, and saw El Cid's (alleged) sword Tizona on display. Our local tour guide told us of Toledo's place in the story, but it was the memory of Tizona that stuck with me, and I told myself that one day I'd read th...more

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