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Christmas Sunshine


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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Thackeray.

T was the winter wild,

While the heaven-born child

All meanly wrapt in the rude manger lies:

Nature, in awe to him

Had doff'd her gaudy trim,

With her great Master so to sympathize:

It was no season then for her

To wanton with the sun, her lusty paramour.

Only with speeches fair

She wooes the gentle air

To hide her guilty front with innocent snow:

And on her naked shame,

Pollute with sinful blame,

The saintly veil of maiden white to throw;

Confounded, that her Maker's eyes

Should look so near upon her foul deformities.

But he, her fears to cease,

Sent down the meek-ey'd Peace;

She, crowned with olives green, came softly sliding

Down through the turning sphere

His ready harbinger,

With. . . Read More

Community Reviews

It's May 2014, and we just had our first day in the mid-eighties here in NYC this week. There will be plenty more before much longer. Nothing makes one pine for winter more than sweating incessantly and enjoying the enhanced fragrance of garbage and sewage that graces city air when things start t...more

Sometimes, you just find yourself in the mood for something that’s “wrong.” You can’t help yourself from being amused by something that really shouldn’t be funny, something that is totally against what you see yourself as being or ever wanting to be. When Elves Attack is “wrong” in that bent, dis...more

Serge A. Storms, the fictional vigilante created by Tim Dorsey, is one of the most psychotic characters I have ever had the pleasure to read about. He is delusional, methodical, vicious, hilarious, and even a bit sentimental. You see, the best way to really understand Serge is to compare him to t...more

So the Providence Journal thinks Florida's Tim Dorsey is “The undisputed king of the comic crime novel,” eh? Their reviewer might want to sample some Donald E. Westlake or, just within Florida, Carl Hiaasen and even Edna Buchanan. Okay, so Buchanan's more a crime novelist with a splendid sense of...more

”Wait up!” Coleman skipped alongside Serge. “But I still don’t get this elf thing. How can we be elves if the mall didn’t hire us?”
“And that’s what everyone thinks.” Serge skipped and waved at curious shoppers. “But there’s no law that says you can’t just unilaterally decide to be an elf, buy a c...more

Faldon's Five Thoughts: 1) Even at just 192 pages, this is a looong way to go for this payoff. I could see this working as a short story maybe, but the plot is too flimsy to last nearly 200 pages. 2) Marquis Luis always jokes he can't see a sequel because he missed part one. I'm not sure there is...more

I couldn't resist this book. Serge and elves made me want to sing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" while hanging my head out a train window going cross country. The book makes you want to cut up and do something fun. Mr. Dorsey never disappoints. When Elves Attack was great.

Like the strange series - this holds up but isn't my favorite. Some profanity. Well narrated.

Exactly the sort of raving madness I was looking for in a Christmas Eve. read. I haven't read Dorsey and I'm not sure I'd commit to his crazed modern day Quixote and Panza duo righting the wrongs in the ever so wacky sunny Florida, but mainly because I'm not a fan of series in general and I'm not...more

This is my fifth or sixth Tim Dorsey novel. They are definitely strange, but I am a sucker for Serge, the lovable serial killer and his perpetually stoned sidekick, Coleman. Their adventures galavanting around Florida are always both entertaining and disturbing. I was curious how these two could...more

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