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Christie's Old Organ

Mrs. O. F. Walton

Book Overview: 

Christie is all alone in the world after his mother dies. He lives in a boarding house and every night creeps up the attic stairs to hear an old barrel organ play. One night while he is listening, the organ stops and Christie hears a thump. What has happened? What should Christie do?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He wondered very much where she was, and where "Home, sweet Home," was. He must try to find out somehow.

And thus the day wore away, and Christie's patience was rewarded by quite a little store of pence. How proud he was to spend it on his way home in comforts for old Treffy, and how much he enjoyed giving the old man an account of his day's adventures!

Treffy gave Christie a warm welcome when he opened the attic door; but it would be hard to say whether he was more pleased to see Christie, or to see his dear old barrel-organ. He examined it most carefully and tenderly, but he could not discover that Christie had done any harm to it, and he praised him accordingly.

Then, while Christie was getting tea ready, Treffy played through all his four tunes, dwelling most affectionately and admiringly on "Home, sweet Home."


Old Treffy did not regain his strength. He continued weak and feeble. He . . . Read More

Community Reviews

We used this as a read aloud for the children. A nice story of God's providence to save His elect. OK, yeah, it's very Armenian. However, while reading it you can point out to your children that without the Holy Spirit Christie would not have found his friends or the answers to their questions. It w

I greatly enjoyed this book and the biblical principles that shown through it. It touches the parts of us that are made for companionship in this life and the part of us that knows there is a future home we are destined for. It provides a balance between how to live in life while never forgetting wh

Beautiful story!
This is one of my favorite books of all time,
it's simply precious!

Christie's Old Organ also called Home Sweet Home is a really good book for those who want to become a Christian, but it is also a good book for those who are Christians. I reallly enjoyed this book and I think everyone should read it!

This was a enjoyable little read. I actually liked it better than I thought I would, it wasn't nearly as cliche and preachy as I was anticipating.
There were a lot of great things said even if it was a little repetitive and pushy at times. Also, I was pleased that the story line didn't end the way I

A very old (Classic Stories) story featuring the gospel message. The message is clear, which is good, but the tale is used as a medium for preaching, and the language style is old enough that most young readers will likely not touch it. My opinion only.

This was a sweet and poignant story about a young boy and an old man searching for the truth about heaven and home. I liked the illustrations of how God can use very small seeds to grow His truth in people's hearts. Even though parts of the story should have been sad, the joyful emphasis on the beau

This is the best book!!!!!!!! You HAVE to read it!!

Old Treffy played his old organ in the attic. Christie, a ragged boy, listened and recognized a familiar hymn that his mother sang when she died, Home, Sweet Home. Treffy grew old and weak and Christie took over and played the organ in the streets. Christie made friends with Charlie and Mable, two c

O.F. Walton writes a compelling book of love, dedication, suffering and hope by a young orphan who must find enough donations from playing an organ to live.

He befriends an old man because he plays "Home Sweet Home"--a song he remembers his mother sang to him. The two search for hope in spite of the

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