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Christ Legend

Selma Lagerlof

Book Overview: 

These are beautiful little stories about Christmas from the Swedish storyteller Selma Lagerlöf. As she explains in the first story, they were told her by her grandmother "I remember that grandmother told story after story from morning till night, and that we children sat beside her, quite still, and listened. It was a glorious life! No other children had such happy times as we did. It isn’t much that I recollect about my grandmother. I remember that she had very beautiful snow-white hair, and stooped when she walked, and that she always sat and knitted a stocking. And I even remember that when she had finished a story, she used to lay her hand on my head and say: “All this is as true, as true as that I see you and you see me.”

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .e could see well enough what the little one was doing. He saw how he reached out his hand to capture a bee that sat upon the edge of a flower and was so heavily laden with pollen that it could hardly lift its wings for flight. He saw, to his great surprise, that the bee let itself be taken without trying to escape, and without using its sting. When the little one held the bee secure between his fingers, he ran over to a crack in the city wall, where a swarm of bees had their home, and set the bee down. As soon as he had helped one bee in this way, he hastened back to help another. All day long the soldier saw him catch bees and carry them to their home.

“That boy is certainly more foolish than any I’ve seen hitherto,” thought the soldier. “What put it into his head to try and help these bees, who can take such good care of themselves without him, and who can sting him at that? What kind of a man will he become if he lives, I wonder. . . Read More

Community Reviews

5 leyendas que tratan de temas y metáforas hermosas de la creación, de Jesús o de la fe cristiana. Una maravillosa historia de un petirrojo que se encarga de auxiliar a Jesús en la cruz además de cuentos de la edad media, y de la época bíblica. MUY BUENO

Easy to read, beautifully told legends related to Jesus, his disciples, emperors Augustus and Tiberius, and a crusader.

Selma Lagerlöf was the first woman to win the Nobel Price in literature. Here are her amazing stories about Christ, Christ Legends. If you are not familiar with Selma Lagerlöf you might object to the idea of creating stories about Christ out of the historical context, but Selma does this in an a way

Po meni je nepotrebno od Isusovoga rođenja i života stvarati ovakve apokrifne priče za djecu.

HRV: Religiozna sam osoba, ali dobro se sjećam da nisam bila baš oduševljena knjigom kada sam ju čitala.

ENG: I'm a catholic and a religious person, but I do remember not really being into this book that much as a kid.


Obvezna osnovnoškolska lektira . Jedanaest „legendi“, tj. apokrifa, kršćanskih bajki m. op. prve nobelovke u književnosti, koje bi zlobnici mogli proglasiti naivnima, infantilnima... Objektivno, i nemaju baš neku književnu vrijednost (npr. nedosljednost u karakterizaciji Pilata koji u Evanđelju „per


10 interesting legends about the time of Christ and the history of Christianity. I specially liked the last one about a crusader who travelled from Jerusalem to Florence with a lighted tallow.

Christ Legends by Selma Lagerlof
In my new evaluation of religion and Christianity I will try and focus on the Spirit of the story and not the Letter. In other words, the conception could be Immaculate in thought, spirit and Pure Intents, if not in practice.

Is this a coincidence, a sign or a small mi

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