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A Child's History of England

Charles Dickens

Book Overview: 

A Child’s History of England first appeared in serial form. Dickens dedicated the book to “My own dear children, whom I hope it may help, bye and bye, to read with interest larger and better books on the same subject”. The history covered the period between 50 BC and 1689, ending with a chapter summarizing events from then until the ascension of Queen Victoria.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Thomas à Becket knelt before the King, he was obstinate and immovable as to those words about his order.  King Louis of France was weak enough in his veneration for Thomas à Becket and such men, but this was a little too much for him.  He said that à Becket ‘wanted to be greater than the saints and better than St. Peter,’ and rode away from him with the King of England.  His poor French Majesty asked à Becket’s pardon for so doing, however, soon afterwards, and cut a very pitiful figure.

At last, and after a world of trouble, it came to this.  There was another meeting on French ground between King Henry and Thomas à Becket, and it was agreed that Thomas à Becket should be Archbishop of Canterbury, according to the customs of former Archbishops, and that the King should put him in possession of the revenues of that post.  And now, indeed, you might suppose the struggle at an end. . . Read More

Community Reviews

What a treat to discover Charles Dickens' A Child's History of England. I enjoyed Dickens style. I liked the action and characterization. It was also rich in description. Here's the first sentence,
"In the old days, a long, long while ago, before Our Saviour was born on earth and lay asleep in a mang

Dickens is usually known as a novelist, but you can forget that here. The book is exactly what it purports to be, except that it has Charles Dickens as the author! True, at times he seems to actually write for a child in this book, but those times are relatively few.
Dickens actually does the whole

Charles Dickens is a judgemental bitch, and I love him for it. You only have to read his novels to know that he was judgemental, and that all his contempt was reserved for those who mistreated the weak. His rants on the evils of poverty, for instance, are many and heartfelt. It is no surprise, then,

ის, რის შესწავლასაც ბრიტანელი მოსწავლეები ალბათ წლებს ანდომებენ, დიკენსმა 600 გვერდზე ნაკლებში ჩაატია. ინგლისის ისტორია უძველესი დროიდან 1688 წლის "სახელოვან რევოლუციამდე" ძალიან მოკლედ აქვს მოთხრობილი, თანაც ისე, რომ როიალისტობას ვერ დავწამებთ (მხოლოდ ოლივერ კრომველის პერიოდს აფასებს შედარებით დადე

I found this book to be thoroughly fascinating! Dickens takes us from the early beginnings of England all the way up to his era, monarchy by monarchy. I doubt if many parents of our day would hand this book to their children; it is full of the violence, hatred, and vengeance of kings against their r

A charming little book. Dickens uses his narrative prowess in telling England's history -- and has his own moralistic, and often entertaining, spin on the people and events therein. The end result reads much like the book of Kings.

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