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Celtic Folk and Fairy Tales

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I began to draw his spear, and every breath that he drew I thought I would be down his throat, and when his breath came out I was back again just as far. But with every ill that befell me I got the spear loosed from him. Then[52] I was as one under a bundle of straw in a great wind, for I could not manage the spear. And it was fearful to look on the brute, who had but one eye in the midst of his face; and it was not agreeable for the like of me to attack him. I drew the dart as best I could, and I set it in his eye. When he felt this he gave his head a lift, and he struck the other end of the dart on the top of the cave, and it went through to the back of his head. And he fell cold dead where he was; and you may be sure, O king, that joy was on me. I myself and the woman went out on clear ground, and we passed the night there. I went and got the boat with which I came, and she was no way lightened, and took the woman and the child over on dry land; and I returned home."Read More

Community Reviews

After English fairy tales, Joseph Jacobs turned to Celtic ones, in this and More Celtic Fairy Tales:. Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Manx. . . though he complained that some areas were less gathered than others. And his first resolution to use only those form peasants who spoke no English did not last beca

Didn't realize until I was halfway through this volume that it was actually "Celtic Fairy Tales" and "More Celtic Fairy Tales". I wondered reading the first half why I could not find the relevant footnotes (they were in the middle of the book, I was looking at the end). Each section is numbered sepa

A fun fast read; very witty cautionary tales from Eire. Love the illustrations by John D. Batten.

Favorite tale has to be a tie between "Jack and His Master" and "Hudden and Dudden and Donald O'Neary. Wait! "The Story-Teller at Fault" and "A Legend of Knockmany" was hilarious! Oh, I can't choose~~~ T

Lots of fun fairytales in this selection by Jacobs

Stories of stowaway princesses, sequestered princesses, sea maidens, lupracauns, saints, witches, hexes and spells, fairies and elves, salmons and potatoes; an Irish and Celtic book true and through. I've seen the Irish version of Cinderella (Trembling) but I found Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree which pr

I won't write anything original. Some of the best fairy tales I've ever read. Charming, full of wit and, what's more, well-written.

In the United States, classic fairy tales have been bowdlerized. The dark symbols of ogres, giants, witches, and curses of the Brothers Grimm have been transformed into two-dimensional versions of themselves with curses often being more pranks than devastating supernatural spells and witches becomin

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