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F. Marion Crawford

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The same one whom you had seen in your dream?"

"The same. She was standing facing the sun, for it was still early, and one of her hands was resting against the brick pillar, just as it had rested against the column."

"That is certainly very extraordinary," said Guido, his tone changing. Then he seemed about to speak again, but checked himself.

Lamberti rested his elbows on the table and his chin on his folded hands, and looked into his friend's eyes in silence. His own face had grown perceptibly paler in the last few minutes.

"Guido," he said, after what seemed a long pause, "you were going to ask what happened next. I do not know what you thought, nor what stopped you, for between you and me there is no such thing as indiscretion, and, besides, you will never know who the lady was."

"I do not wish to guess. Do not say anything that could help me."

"Of course not. Any woman you know might have taken it into her head to. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Chances are that if you've heard of this work at all it's because it was the inspiration for Longfellow's Hiawatha, you've just heard about the publication of Tolkien's Story of Kullervo or you're some kind of expert in Epic Poetry. Which is to say it's fairly obscure outside it's native Finnland...more

Here's my trochaic rendition of my synopsis of the Kalevala:

Wainomainen, ancient minstrel,
Ilmarinen, magic blacksmith,
Lemmenkainen, reckless hero.
They get dumped by Lappish women.
Will they still the magic Sampo
With its lid of many colors?
You bet they will, motherfuckers.

OUP edition, translated by Keith Bosley

"...the kind of excitement that palaeontologists felt on discovering a live coelacanth". Exactly! I'm not one of the scholars of early European epic Bosley is talking about in that paragraph of his wonderful introduction, just someone who once did a dissert...more

Kalevala, ovvero Terra di Kaleva, è il nome poetico, dato da Lönnrot alla Finlandia. Terra lontana, misteriosa, anticamente sotto l'impero svedese e poi russo, ha inglobato molto delle due "invasioni", ma rimanendo, anzi volendo mantenere la propria cultura, il folklore locale. Questo libro ne è...more

Mieleni minun tekevi,
aivoni ajattelevi,
lähteäni laatimahan,
arviota arpomahan,
kun sain kirjan katsotuksi,
kaikki lehdet luetuiksi.
Kauan emmin aloitusta,
pitkään kirjaan tarttumista.
Vaiti vuotti hyllyssänsä,
odotellen ottajaansa
ukkikullan kirjastossa,
vaarivainaan varastossa.
Luin mä päivän, luin mä toi...more

This is a thought-provoking piece of majestic work. Thought-provoking because as I read it, an insane amount of questions kept coming to mind which I will try (completely incompletely) to compile here, although not with the mastery of Elias Lonnrot.

So, without further ado, three important lessons...more

Oh my goodness, this is a real treasure!

I was expecting this classic Finnish mythos, this fantasy epic, to be kinda dense and worldly and weighty, but I didn't expect it to be totally readable, droll, classy, and exciting. I also didn't expect to see it as the source material for so many classic...more

I've never gotten into Finnish history or literature as much as I've followed the other Scandinavian countries. Although, let's face it: Finland is amazing. Not just because they drastically lowered their infant mortality rate by putting their babies in cardboard boxes, and have the best educatio...more

Finnish Pronunciation
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--The Kalevala

Appendix: Sibelius and the 'Kalevala'

When Elias Lönnrot was born in 1802, Finland was a province of Sweden; by the time he came to compile the Kalevala in the 1830s and 1840s, it was part of the Russian Empire. Finnishness was (and had been since the twelfth century) little more than a shared idea, and sometimes a dangerous one at t...more

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