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Castle Richmond

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Set against the background of the Irish famine in the 1840’s, the novel tells of the tangled relationships between Clara Desmond, Herbert Fitzgerald and his cousin Owen Fitzgerald. Clara – whose previously ‘great’ family is almost bankrupt – is initially attracted to Owen, but whose dissolute lifestyle is a handicap. The matter is further complicated by the fact that Lady Desmond, Clara’s mother, is in love with Owen.
Meanwhile, Herbert supplants Owen in Clara’s affections. Herbert is heir to Castle Richmond and the name and property but this position is threatened for much of the book because of the possible illegitimacy of his parents’ marriage.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .His father promised, and was prepared to give his best assistance, both by money and countenance; but he pleaded that the state of his health hindered him from active exertion, and therefore his son came forward in his stead on this occasion, as it appeared probable that he would do on all others having reference to the family property.

This work brought people together who would hardly have met but for such necessity. The priest and the parson of a parish, men who had hitherto never been in a room together, and between whom neither had known anything of the other but the errors of his doctrine, found themselves fighting for the same object at the same board, and each for the moment laid aside his religious ferocity. Gentlemen, whose ancestors had come over with Strongbow, or maybe even with Milesius, sat cheek by jowl with retired haberdashers, concerting new soup kitchens, and learning on what smallest modicum of pudding made from Indian corn a family of seven. . . Read More

Community Reviews

A very entertaining, enjoyable read about the young Clara Desmond and the two men who seek to marry her, each with a claim to Castle Richmond. Set in 1847 during the Irish famine, this story centres on an inheritance claim that initially is expected to lead to Herbert Fitzgerald becoming the owne...more

This was a 3 star read for me while the story itself was interesting the way the narrative was told made it feel dull and stilted I am not sure if this was due to me as a reader or the book.

The backdrop of the Irish famine was interesting however the effects of this catastrophe are not felt perso...more

I read my Trollope from the volume Complete Works of Anthony Trollope. This one had a short introduction, which told me not to expect much in the way of characterization or story. The best, indeed the only piece of real characterization in the book is the delineation of Abe Mollett. This unscrupu...more

A contemporary of Charles Dickens, this book by Anthony Trollope is a much more enjoyable read than any Dickens I've read. I highly recommend it.

Two cousins -- Owen and Herbert -- in love with Clara. Poor Clara in a horrible situation, brought on by her own mother, the Countess of Desmond. Throw...more

First sentence: I wonder whether the novel-reading world — that part of it, at least, which may honour my pages — will be offended if I lay the plot of this story in Ireland! That there is a strong feeling against things Irish it is impossible to deny. Irish servants need not apply; Irish acquain...more

Quo Musa tendis? (Ch XXXI)
On the background of the Irish potato famine our hero, Herbert Fitzegerald, has to face the loss of his name, fortune, love. I agree on what has so often been said about this novel: the characterization is weak and the plot is mechanical. Yet Trollope thought well of t...more

Castle Richmond, one of Trollope’s standalone novels, is the story of two families―the Fitzgeralds of Castle Richmond of the title and the Desmonds of Desmond Court, set in the backdrop of the Irish famine. The story opens with Owen Fizgerald, a cousin of the Castle Richmond Fitzgeralds, falling...more

Published in 1860, Anthony Trollope’s novel Castle Richmond is set in Ireland in the year 1846, when the disastrous potato famine is at its worst. Castle Richmond, in Cork, is the ancestral home of the Fitzgerald family, including Lord and Lady Thomas Fitzgerald, their son Herbert, and their two...more

This is pretty good, almost a 4 star. Set during the potato famine in Ireland, this is a character study by Trollope attached to an engaging tale with a happy ending , which I require these days. At my age I am not wasting time on unhappy endings.

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