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Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Book Overview: 

Carmilla is a Gothic novel by Joseph Sheridan le Fanu. It tells the story of a young woman’s susceptibility to the attentions of a female vampire named Carmilla. Carmilla predates Bram Stoker’s Dracula by over twenty years, had a strong influence on Stoker’s famous novel.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .That is all she said. She spoke very pure French. When she said the word 'secret,' she paused for a few seconds, looking sternly, her eyes fixed on mine. I fancy she makes a great point of that. You saw how quickly she was gone. I hope I have not done a very foolish thing, in taking charge of the young lady."

For my part, I was delighted. I was longing to see and talk to her; and only waiting till the doctor should give me leave. You, who live in towns, can have no idea how great an event the introduction of a new friend is, in such a solitude as surrounded us.

The doctor did not arrive till nearly one o'clock; but I could no more have gone to my bed and slept, than I could have overtaken, on foot, the carriage in which the princess in black velvet had driven away.

When the physician came down to the drawing room, it was to report very favorably upon his patient. She was now sitting up, her pulse quite regular, apparently perfectly well. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Bloody relevant to read!


But to die as lovers may - to die together, so that they may live together.

This is a very important book in historic sense, in the genre of vampire reading, due that it was published 25 years before than Dracula.

Also, it presented lesb

In many ways the antithesis of Dracula, and if Stoker's novel disappointed me with its clean-cut, heterosexual male-influenced dichotomies, than le Fanu's novella is the flipside of the coin: female-centric, homoerotic, ambiguous and enigmatic (and all in about a quarter of the length!). Here the va

But after Polidori's Vampyre.
There was Le Fanu's Carmilla!
So. Kind of like the middle child of vampire tales.

This one was much shorter and much creepier than Dracula, in my opinion. Carmilla was a scary bitch. And part of that was because she was this ethereally beautiful cre

I am iffy, if the Irish author, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, wouldn’t have died early, hadn’t he sued Bam Stoker and many others, for blatantly nicking the plot premise of “Carmilla” and replicating into Dracula and so many others (both written and motion)!

‘Love will have its sacrifices. No sacrifice without blood.’

Step aside, Dracula, Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu is my new yardstick for vampiric stories. You may have heard the big talking point around Carmilla, a queer vampire story published as a serial in The Dark Blue (later collected in La Fanu’s

A sapphic vampire story published decades before Dracula???? I love classics.

This is beautifully written and gay and there's a vampire.

Also it's like 100 pages long. What more could you want.

Bottom line: And they say the perfect book doesn't exist.

Laura lacks company in a remote part of Steyria when her father gives shelter to a mysterious young girl named Carmilla. Soon after young women are beginning to die. Who is the girl? Did she use another name in another century? Is there any connection between her and the unusual death rate in the ar

So what if she’s the devil ? At least the devil has a job. At least she’s active in the community. What do you do ?

Vampires are gay. They've always been gay. Twilight was literally the first vampire story that wasn't gay. (Unless it was? I don't know, I didn't read it.) Dracula was our pioneering gay male vampire story. Carmilla, which predates it by some twenty years, is our pioneering lesbian one.

The authors t

Poor Carmilla. I guess there are only so many isolated noblemen's daughters you can devour before they start talking.

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