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The Canterville Ghost

Oscar Wilde

Book Overview: 

The American Minister and his family have bought the English stately home Canterville Chase, complete with the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville – blood-stains, clanking chains and all. But these modern Americans will have no truck with ghostly goings-on, and set out to beat the specter at his own game.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Washington, "for I have tried it with everything. It must be the ghost." He accordingly rubbed out the stain a second time, but the second morning it appeared again. The third morning also it was there, though the library had been locked up at night by Mr. Otis himself, and the key carried up-stairs. The whole family were now quite interested; Mr. Otis began to suspect that he had been too dogmatic in his denial of the existence of ghosts, Mrs. Otis expressed her intention of joining the Psychical Society, and Washington prepared a long letter to Messrs. Myers and Podmore on the subject of the Permanence of Sanguineous Stains when connected with Crime. That night all doubts about the objective existence of phantasmata were removed for ever.

The day had been warm and sunny; and, in the cool of the evening, the whole family went out to drive. They did not return home till nine o'clock, when they had a light supper. The conversation in no way turned upon . . . Read More

Community Reviews

The original Wilde Thing does it again...

Seriously...how does one not love on Oscar Wilde when he's throwing down the snarky...in this case, and in proper British fashion, against cocky, adolescent-cultured Americans and their starched-lip, tradition-trapped English cousins?

A bounty of clever from

The Canterville Ghost, Oscar Wilde
The Canterville Ghost is a novella by Oscar Wilde. It was the first of Wilde's stories to be published, appearing in two parts in The Court and Society Review, 23 February and 2 March 1887. The story is about an American family who move to a castle haunted by the g

Great satire about an English ghost being outwitted by some modern Americans (Mr Otis and his family) who bought Canterville Chase. Is there salvation for the ghost in the end? Funny ghost story with many satirical elements (the bloodstain) and fine allusions (e.g. on Fuseli's Nightmare). A real cla

The Canterville Ghost is a charming tale, one of Oscar Wilde's best. It is a ghost story, a comedy and a romance all rolled into one, told with the offbeat, rolling wit that only Wilde can tell.

An American family moves into a haunted mansion in England, but it is they who torment the ghost with thei

This is Oscar Wilde’s first published story, in 1887, a year before The Happy Prince, and five years after he’d travelled in the USA. It features his oft misquoted line:
“We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language.”

It’s a curiosity: funny, but mostly not i


Este cuento tragicómico, trata sobre un fantasma que vive en el castillo de Canterville, y que vaga por sus rincones durante la noche, tratando de asustar sin éxito a sus nuevos habitantes, una familia norteamericana insensible a los fenómenos paranormales.

Es muy corto y se lee rápido. Es ame

I finally got around to reading this. I heard about it as a child and never read it. Oscar is charming and his writing is funny and he tells a good story.

There is a horrid ghost in a large Manor home in England. Everyone is terrified of this Canterville Ghost. One day, the Canterville’s sell the hom

What a lovely ghost story this was!
This turned out to be the cutest ghost story for me lately.I have read Wilde the novelist, this time his story also made a mark.
When an American minister bought Canterville Chase ( A British Mansion), everyone said it was a foolish decision because the place was

A Victorian ghost story by Oscar Wilde!

4.5 stars. Wilde deftly combines an occasionally grisly haunting, old-fashioned sentiment, a small droplet of romance, and a large helping of dry wit in this 1887 novella about a rather brash American family that buys a haunted mansion in Victorian England. T

" .. هذه القصّة سجل طريف للمحن التّي ألمت بشبح قصر آل كانترفيل حين انتقل هذا القصر التاريخي إلى وزير أمريكا المفوض في بلاط سانت جامس .. "

رسالة من شبح :

ما معنى أن تكون شبحا ؟ .. نعم ما معنى ذلك ؟ .. كنت في يوم ما أسطورة، رعبا حقيقيا. كنت في يوم ما .. نعم .. نعم كنت، و لكن الأيام دول .. اسألوني أنا .

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