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George Bernard Shaw

Book Overview: 

Candida, a comedy by playwright George Bernard Shaw. The central characters are clergyman James Morell, his wife Candida and a youthful poet, Eugene Marchbanks, who tries to win Candida's affections. The play questions Victorian notions of love and marriage, asking what a woman really desires from her husband. The cleric is a Fabian Socialist, allowing Shaw—himself a Fabian—to weave political issues, current at the time, into the story. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .P CLASS="dialog"> BURGESS. I do, James. I do—honest.

MORELL. Then why don't you behave as you did then?

BURGESS (cautiously removing his hand). 'Ow d'y'mean?

MORELL. I'll tell you. You thought me a young fool then.

BURGESS (coaxingly). No, I didn't, James. I—

MORELL (cutting him short). Yes, you did. And I thought you an old scoundrel.

BURGESS (most vehemently deprecating this gross self-accusation on Morell's part). No, you didn't, James. Now you do yourself a hinjustice.

MORELL. Yes, I did. Well, that did not prevent our getting on very well together. God made you what I call a scoundrel as he made me what you call a fool. (The effect of this observation on Burgess is to remove the keystone of his moral arch. He becomes bodily weak, and, with his eyes fixed on Mo. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Chekhov wrote his realist stories between drinks at parties in his home, taking inspiration from the characters around him to create a world of small, short-sighted people who seem real through a combination of meanness and absurdity. They are dull enough to have the problems of a normal person,...more

Here: three distinct attitudes towards marriage. Alas, this is not as good as the outstanding "Arms and the Man," nor, for that matter, the tepid "Mrs. Warren's Profession." It's regarded as "brilliantly plotted"; with one, or perhaps THE, most masterfully-plotted play. Ever. Also, it was what Sh...more

بـ شخصيات بس تطلّع حاجة بالروعة دي و الجمال دة!!
شابوه چورچ برنارد بجد

بستة شخصيات فقط يصنع لنا جورج برنارد شو عرضا مسرحيا يليق بإسمه و صيته الذائع
العمل الذكي جدا المتعدد المعني و المبنى لك أن تفهمه كما هو أو كما تريد أو تحاول أن تستشف ما أراده برنارد شو نفسه

استمعت إليه من إذاعة البرنامج الثقافي - مصر على يوتيوب في عرض قارب الساعتين من إخراج محمود مرسي و بطولة سميحه...more

Che donna!

Se escludiamo Pigmalione, in Italia non si ristampa più niente di George Bernard Shaw, che per questo non gode di molta visibilità. Così leggere questo testo teatrale è diventato un privilegio per pochi (”Noi pochi, noi felici pochi”).
Peccato, perché Candida è una delle donne più affasc...more

Wonderfully acted, helping to make shaw accessable to modern listeners.

Being an admirer of Bernard Shaw's witticisms in his social commentary plays like Pygmalion, Apple Cart, Man and Superman and Saint Joan, I was pleasantly surprised to find this heart-warming, whimsical turn by Mr Sarcastic himself. As the parson and the eighteen-year-old poet crossed swords I fe...more

With Arms and the Man (1894) Shaw created his first great play: later the same year, with Candida Shaw created his first great starring role for an actress.

The play itself—a drama of ideas masquerading as a three act love triangle (or vice versa)--is clear in its objectives. The beautiful and cha...more

Another Love Triangle
19 December 2015

Well, even though it has been included in the collection of Shavian plays known as Play's Pleasant, I was a little surprised to discover that this particular play was written at almost the opposite end of Shaw's career to the first play – Arms & the Man....more

رأيت عدة محاكيات لها في أفلام الأبيض و الأسود أثرت على حكمي في البداية .. في تلك الأفلام عادة ما كان يتم اختذال شخصيتها في شكل عبثي مسطح .. ، و لكنها هنا عميقة .. جميلة .. فيلسوفة
(الخطيئة المقدسة)
انها شعار المرحلة :) ! قرأت تقنينا لها عن نفس الكاتب (جورج برنارد شو) من قبل في مسرحي...more

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