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Can You Forgive Her?

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

“Can You Forgive Her?” is the first in a series of six Trollope novels dealing broadly with 19th Century English political scene. It introduces the reader to Plantagenet and Glencora Palliser, as they court, marry, and as Plantagenet sets out on his political career, which is carried on in the foreground or background throughout the series. Each novel has a focus on other particular characters, as well. In this one, it is the dilemma of Alice Vavasor, who is a young woman choosing between two suitors: one who has all the best qualities, but who prefers a retiring private life, and another, whose qualities are doubtful, but who is ambitious for public office. There is also a comic subplot involving a widowed aunt, who also must choose between two suitors: Mr. Cheeseacre, a dull but stable farmer, and Capt. Bellfield, a charming but somewhat erratic retired military man.

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Book Excerpt: 
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"For a hundred and fifty," said Calder Jones, "and she wasn't worth the odd fifty."

"He won seventy with her at Leamington," said Maxwell, "and I doubt whether he'd take his money now."

"Is Cinquebars coming down here this year?"

"I don't know," said Maxwell. "I hope not. He's the best fellow in the world, but he can't ride, and he don't care for hunting, and he makes more row than any fellow I ever met. I wish some fellow could tell me something about that fellow's brown horse."

"I'd never buy a horse of Vavasor's if I were you," said Grindley. "He never has anything that's all right all round."

"And who has?" said Maxwell, as he took into his plate a second mutton chop, which had just been brought up hot into the room especially for him. "That's the mistake men make about horses, and that's why there's so much cheating. I never ask for a warranty with a horse, and don't very often have a hor. . . Read More

Community Reviews

George Costanza excepted, I know less about women than anyone in the world, but I’d imagine that even liberated, post-feminist women could relate to the three feisty chicks at the centre of Can You Forgive Her? Pushed willy-nilly onto the marriage market, these wealthy Victorian ladies are faced wit

Can you Forgive Her? is the story of a young woman who is engaged to be married to a very respectable gentleman. She has some doubts and starts to wonder if she should have been with the less than respectable paramour of her younger days. Along with a few other intermingling story lines, 800 pages l

Oh, those great Victorian Times, when money and marriage were of utmost importance. Do you marry for love or for money and position? A man with no family money or hope for any could look for an heiress to help him out if he got tired of relying on family and friends. But an unmarried women was shame

[4.5] Oh Alice! Yes, I'll forgive you and Lady Glencora and Kate for your poor judgement. I'll even forgive John Grey and Plantagenet Palliser who irritated me so much in the beginning. After I got into the flow of this novel, I was shocked by how deliciously addictive it was. I listened to the audi

Can you forgive her?
Can you forgive her?
Can you forgive her?
Can you forgive her?

“Poor Alice! I hope that she may be forgiven. It was her special fault, that when at Rome she longed for Tibur, and when at Tibur she regretted Rome.”*

Oh, Alice, Alice... not only did she break one engagement, but a s

This was magnificent. I love Anthony Trollope's writing style, his explorations of marriage, love and responsibilities. Few people can make me love and hate characters like Trollope can, and this is another resounding success. What an author.

I wonder if Trollope had written Pride and Prejudice, how that would have turned out? I was just looking back at all the Trollopes I've read and thinking they almost all have convoluted love stories where one of the couple is considerably richer than the other. Trollope was a master at writing femal

Can you Forgive Her? is the first of the Palliser’s series, Trollope’s political novels. At the centre is Alice Vavasor whom the author asks us to forgive, as she begins the story by jilting her very eligible and nearly perfect fiancée. This crime induces her to become engaged to her cousin who is s

This is an excellent, if long, read. Trollope tells a good story and I think his female characters are stronger, better developed and more believeable than any other male Victorian novelist. He is still conventional (apart from the novel Marion Fay perhaps) but he has a strong empathy with his femal

All Trollope aficionados are periodically asked The Big Question: Which of Trollope's books should a newcomer read first? With 47 novels to choose from it's difficult to answer that question. I think you have to have read all of Trollope and be re-reading him before you truly appreciate his books. B

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