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Alexandre Dumas

Book Overview: 

Camille is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils, that was subsequently adapted for the stage. The Lady of the Camellias premiered at the Theatre de Vaudeville in Paris, France. An instant success, Giuseppe Verdi immediately set about to put the story to music. His work became the opera La Traviata with the female protagonist “Marguerite Gautier” renamed “Violetta Valéry”.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .and he turned as if the vision had recalled her.

Nevertheless, his steps became more irregular; he seemed to walk by a series of jerks; his teeth chattered; his hands were cold; a violent agitation ran through his body. I spoke to him; he did not answer. He was just able to let himself be led along. A cab was waiting at the gate. It was only just in time. Scarcely had he seated himself, when the shivering became more violent, and he had an actual attack of nerves, in the midst of which his fear of frightening me made him press my hand and whisper: "It is nothing, nothing. I want to weep."

His chest laboured, his eyes were injected with blood, but no tears came. I made him smell the salts which I had with me, and when we reached his house only the shivering remained.

With the help of his servant I put him to bed, lit a big fire in his room, and hurried off to my doctor, to whom I told all that had happened. He hastened with me.

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Community Reviews

یک گردنبند هرزه
در برابر چشم همه
لباس را بالا کشید و فریاد زد:
من فقط تن خود را می‌فروشم
تنها تن خود را و بس
اما می‌بینم همین جا
هستند کسانی که
تن کوهستان و
تن دشت و بوستان و
تن آفتاب و باران را
فروخته‌اند و با وقاحت تمام
بر صندلی شرافت این سرزمین تکیه زده‌اند

شیرکو بیکس

"در مورد این کتاب گفته شده که بعد نوشتن ک

I wish people could still express themselves the way they do in the classics.
After I got a few chapters in, I really couldn't put this book down, which is unusual for me, for the genre. The story is such a train wreck of emotion and life that that must be why it pulls the heartstrings of so many pe

"Once I had a little dog who used to look at me with sad eyes when I coughed: he was the only living creature I have ever loved."

La Dame aux camélias = The Lady of the Camellias, Alexandre Dumas (Son)

The Lady with the Camellias, is a novel by Alexandre Dumas (Son), first published in 1848, and subsequently adapted by Dumas for the stage. Written by Alexandre Dumas (Son) (1824–1895) when he was 23 years old, and first publish

What happens to the pretty girl who trades off her looks for money when she is past her sell-by date? Then she has to hope the man who always loved her will stump up the cash she needs so badly despite her constant rejection when she was at the top of the game and judged him too poor to supply her w

"One of the greatest love stories of all time..."

It's not a love story. It's the romanticized story of a very dysfunctional and disturbing relationship between unstable Marguerite and deeply idiotic and vicious Armand.

Armand is by far one of the most infuriating narrators I've ever had the misfortu

غريب أمر الحب بكل أحواله
غادة الكاميليا.. قصة حب وحلم محكية بأسلوب جميل وسلس
رواية من كلاسيكيات الأدب الفرنسي للكاتب الكسندر دوما الابن
وتظل الضغوط والأحكام المجتمعية سواء صائبة أو خاطئة
لها أثر قوي في تشكيل القواعد والحدود في الحياة العامة للمجتمع

هي الفتاة التي وقعت على وثيقة العار لذا سيلفظها المجتمع للابد
لا تحاول..وتقول انها بلا اسرة
او تتنحنح..و تقول انها بلا مهنة
او تسعل..وتقول انها بلا خبز
.فللمجتمعات احكامها النهائية في كل مكان و زمان

منذ1840 مر المجتمع الفرنسي بمرحلة وفرة

“When she had gone, I was frightened at the solitude in which she left me.”

I never thought I would love a book with a theme like that so much.But I did.Such a beautiful,heart-breaking love story.Truly sad and realistic.I found the writing style truly mesmerizing, not at all austere on the contrary very easy to read.The way the story is built,in rewind, made me incredibly c

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