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Fanny Burney

Book Overview: 

This is the story of Camilla, her beloved but selfish brother Lionel, her sisters Eugenia and Lavinia, and their extremely beautiful but thoughtless cousin Indiana on the months proceeding their marriages. Camilla is deeply in love with Edgar and he loves her back. However, on the advice of a friend, decides to make sure that she is free of fault. She has the luck to find herself in lot of uncomplimentary and comic situations which doesn't make Edgar's wish easy. Meanwhile, Camilla, on the advice of her father, is trying to make sure that Edgar really loves her before marrying him. Will they marry at the end? And will her sisters and cousin be happy? If you want to know the answers to these questions, and many more, please read the book.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .oon to be done; the dispersion from the meadow having been made in every possible direction.


Indiana, intent but upon running on, had nearly reached the church-yard, without hearkening to one word of the expostulating Mandlebert; when, leaning over a tombstone, on which she had herself leant while waiting for the carriage, she perceived the young Oxonian. An instinctive spirit of coquetry made her now increase her pace; he heard the rustling of female approach, and looked up: her beauty, heightened by her flight, which animated her complexion, while it displayed her fine form, seemed more than ever celestial to the enamoured student; who darted forward from an impulse of irresistible surprise. 'O Heaven!' she cried, panting and stopping as he met her; 'I shall die! I shall die!—I am pursued by a mad bull!'

Edgar would have explained, that all was safe; but Melmond neither heard nor saw him.—'O, give me, the. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I was introduced to Frances Burney at Uni when we had to read Evelina. I loved Evelina and the tutor said if anyone had liked Evelina, they should read Camilla which is similar but over 900 pages. I immediately went out and bought Camilla and I adore this book. The story is a slow burner, although t

Holy mama, I think that I deserve a cookie after reading this bad boy. I don't know why this novel felt so long to me, because I really enjoyed it for the most part, but it is nearly 1,000 pages, so you can only have so many excursions and letters before they all start to feel the same (in a way, th

ETA on 17 Aug/2020
On second read, I am still standing by my original opinion.
It's an interesting read in itself and as a "product" of its time, but for me as a modern reader, and especially in comparison with Jane Austen, it's just too excessive. There's too much of everything, like a pantomime.


I am not enjoying this book as much as I enjoyed The Female Quixote, which was really, really funny, but I'm trying to keep an open mind.

Burney, was an 18th century novelist who influenced Jane Austen, and if you read this book, you can see how. However, you can also see, if you read, that Austen w

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