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Cabbages and Kings

O. Henry

Book Overview: 

This work is O. Henry's first published volume and is considered to be his only novel. The plot is composed of several short stories, but when looked deeper are the makings of a larger mystery novel.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .hout doubt, move as secretly as possible, and endeavour to board a vessel by stealth from some secluded point along the shore.

On the fourth day after the receipt of Englehart's telegram the Karlsefin, a Norwegian steamer chartered by the New Orleans fruit trade, anchored off Coralio with three hoarse toots of her siren. The Karlsefin was not one of the line operated by the Vesuvius Fruit Company. She was something of a dilettante, doing odd jobs for a company that was scarcely important enough to figure as a rival to the Vesuvius. The movements of the Karlsefin were dependent upon the state of the market. Sometimes she would ply steadily between the Spanish Main and New Orleans in the regular transport of fruit; next she would be making erratic trips to Mobile or Charleston, or even as far north as New York, according to the distribution of the fruit supply.

Goodwin lounged upon the beach with the usual crowd of idlers that had gathered to view the st. . . Read More

Community Reviews

When I started with this collection of inter-connected short stories, I was not very impressed. I could not find the charm and attraction that I found in his other famous short stories like the very well known 'The Gift of the Magi'. But slowly and surely, this collection slipped a tight grip around

This is by far my favorite short story collection by O. Henry. The tales take place in the same locale, a fictitious banana republic of the American tropics. There is an over-arcing plot that runs through the stories, concerning the ruling potentate's abdication and sudden departure with the nation'

Cabbages and Kings

تعرفت على أو. هنري قبل أعوام بعيدة، كانت قصصه تنشر في الصحف كجزء من مشروع ترجمي صغير، تقدم فيه قصص من بلدان ومؤلفين شتى، نسيت لاحقاً أسماء الكثير من القصصيين الذين عرفنا بهم المشروع ولكن بقي أو. هنري لا ينسى، لاحقاً - وكانت إنجليزيتي كسيحة وقتها – حصلت على مجموعة أفضل مئة قصة كتبه

A collection of stories set in a fictional "banana republic" of Anchuria, likely modeled after Honduras, where the author, O. Henry, spent some time evading the law after embezzlement and tax evasion charges. The characters are largely American businessmen and government officials, who are all to ha

ვაპირებდი დამეწერა: "მოთხრობები ჯობია" - მეთქი, მაგრამ ისე ლამაზად აეწყო პაზლი, რომ ახლა მხოლოდ იმას ვწერ, თუ რის დაწერას ვაპირებდი.

This is one of my all-time favorite books, one that I re-read often. The language is brilliant and humorous, the setting is tropical, and the characters are memorable. Each chapter could stand alone as a short story, but they string together to form a novel. I read it when I need to remember that li

არ ვაპირებდი ამ წიგნის წაკითხვას, ბოლოსკენ შემოვიტოვე, მეზარებოდა დაწყება :D საწინააღმდეგო აღმოჩნდა.

გარემო - ტროპიკული
პერსონაჟები - სამახსოვრო
თითოეული თავი - ცალკე ისტორია, რომლებიც საბოლოოდ კარგ ნაწარმოებს ქმნიან.


A fairly well-knit collection of short stories, each displaying O. Henry's knack for concealing while he puts on a show. The book has a comic portrayal of the tropics, both its volatile political climate and its meteorological one. The book shows its age by opining race-based comments about the inha

This is definitely not O. Henry at his best. His strength is with the individual short story - this book is a collection of short stories which is supposed to have a common thread. I began to enjoy the stories more when I stopped trying to fit them all together and read them simply as short stories,

This has got to be among the best reads describing the odd friendship between colonialism and business interests, staged on the backdrop of Latin America, with the original banana republic of Anchuria. I landed up reading this after I learnt that this is where the term banana republic originated fro

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