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The Burglar and the Blizzard

Alice Duer Miller

Book Overview: 

Geoffrey Holland, a young millionaire, visits his country home in Hillsborough after hearing of a recent string of burglaries. To Holland's surprise, he finds the burglar reading a book in his library. And it's none other than his old schoolmate, Billy McVay. As the blizzard gets stronger, McVay persuades Holland to go out and rescue his sister who is living in a nearby rundown shack. What will Holland do and find?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .What burglar would want sheets and a lady's coat? Besides just before the first one happened, Will Brown, he was driving along up your way and a young woman, pretty as a picter, Will said, slips out of the wood and asks for a lift. Well, Will takes her some two miles, and when they got to that piece of woods at the back of your place she says of a sudden that she guesses she wants exercise, and will walk the rest of the way, and out she gets, and no one has seen her since. Seems kinder strange, no house but yours within six miles, and you away."

"It would have seemed quite as strange if I had been at home," returned Geoffrey, amused at his imputation.

"Well," Harris went on imperturbably, "you can't tell the rights of them stories. Will Brown, he's a liar, just like all the Browns; still this time he seemed to think he was telling the truth. Looks like we were going to have a blizzard, don't it?"

When they reached the McFarlane cottage, M. . . Read More

Community Reviews

It sure had a strange plot, but I found the story quite entertaining. Of course, it wasn't realistic and didn't have much to do with Christmas, but it was a light read with a cute love story-line.

I loved this story.I didn't know what to think about it till I read it! Its interesting how the events unfolded.

Ok story. Kind of dull. I kept waiting for something to happen; a twist of some kind. I waited in vain.

What a delightful little story. I can envision a little Christmas special portraying these characters. Christmas is not the focus of the story. A man discovers a burglar. The burglar is an old school- mate. The plot is strange and fun. Never heard of the author before. The book was written in 1914.

The early 20th century equivalent of a Hallmark holiday movie, this story includes a charming and very unrepentant burglar, a wealthy young bachelor, and a snowbound damsel in distress. How all three come to share Christmas in a snowbound mansion, and what happens next, makes for a fun, quick read.

Rather formulaic and stilted but OK storyline.

This book is described as a children's story but I didn't find it as such although it is G rated. Perhaps it being described as "A Christmas Story" suggests a notion of forgiveness and good will but the evidence for this is subtle. The notion of not prosecuting someone for a crime because you have f

written in the 1800s this book seems trite and stilted. Perhaps its the difference in the ages

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