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Leo Tolstoy

Book Overview: 

Boyhood is the second in Tolstoy's trilogy of three autobiographical novels, including Childhood and Youth.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ion through paths of its own, as well as, sometimes, with great suddenness and by methods wholly different from those which have brought other intellects to the same conclusion. For me the conversation with Katenka—striking deeply as it did, and forcing me to reflect on her future position—constituted such a path. As I gazed at the towns and villages through which we passed, and in each house of which lived at least one family like our own, as well as at the women and children who stared with curiosity at our carriages and then became lost to sight for ever, and the peasants and workmen who did not even look at us, much less make us any obeisance, the question arose for the first time in my thoughts, "Whom else do they care for if not for us?" And this question was followed by others, such as, "To what end do they live?" "How do they educate their children?" "Do they teach their children and let them play? What are their names?" and so forth.

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Community Reviews

Childhood, Boyhood and Youth was Tolstoi's first novel, it is the novel, along with Turgenev's 'Sketches' which, at least in it's first part 'Childhood', best celebrates Russian country life and the peasantry. Some of the descriptions of nature would not look out of place from Turgenev's best works,

Childhood, Boyhood, and Youth were Tolstoy's first published works; they are loosely based on his early life up to his university days, told from the perspective of a boy named Nikolenka as he makes his way through the joys and miseries of childhood and early adulthood. Some parts of the trilogy are

Let me just preface this by saying, Tolstoy can do no wrong in my eyes. This is what you may call a biased review… with that being said, I shall proceed!

Childhood was the first work of fiction written by young Leo Tolstoy. It was supposedly his one and only attempt at writing like Charles Dickens, a

one thing that drives from the pure excellence that is Tolstoy's writing is that you don't just picture everything your reading, you feel embedded within it

The Childhood, Boyhood and Youth is that of Nikolai or Kolya, the central character and narrator. Although set in Czarist Russia in the 19th century this experience of growing up feels universal. I blushed with him and hung my head with his as I read of his young priggishness: the same feelings I’ve

Prima carte a lui Lev Nikolaevici Tolstoi. A anunțat un mare prozator.

Tolstoi a fost un sever observator al păcatelor celorlalți și, nu în ultimul rînd, al păcatelor proprii. Detesta fățărnicia și înfumurarea. Avea și o latură masochistă. Povestește că se ascundea într-o magazie și se biciuia cu frî

Upečatljiv početak jednog velikog književnog opusa. Kada kažem početak, ne mislim samo na trilogiju u celini, već na prvi pasus Detinjstva – ubijena muva pada na nos i budi usnulog desetogodišnjeg junaka, koji dremljivo i razdraženo počinje da sagledava svet oko sebe. Otvoriti oči ujutru, uvek je su

Here are my reviews of:

1. Childhood - ★★★
2. Boyhood - ★★★★
3. Youth - ★★★

Selindžer je jednom napisao da ono što ga stvarno obara jeste knjiga posle koje poželiš da ti je njen pisac najbolji prijatelj, i da možeš da ga okreneš telefonom kad god ti dođe.

Prva knjiga u životu koja me je oborila u toj meri da sam poželeo sve što je Selindžer napisao, pa čak i više, da odem p

Stunningly good. Tolstoy was so successful at making this fictional childhood seem real that to this day many readers still regard it more as a work of non-fiction. It is so vivid! Tolstoy puts you there - you can smell the fresh mown grasses at the roadside and hear the first fat drops of rain fall

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