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Boy Scouts Handbook

Boy Scouts of America

Book Overview: 

The Boy Scouts of America was founded over a hundred years ago to serve the young men of the United States of America and give them the same opportunities that Boy Scouts all over the world were receiving. Modeled after Robert Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys, the Boy Scouts Handbook of the Boy Scouts of America gave the original American Boy Scouts a taste of adventure, excitement, and values for them to use for the rest of their life, and is still good reading for the modern age.

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Book Excerpt: 
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For joining a cord to a rope. May be easily made from diagram.


The Fisherman's Knot.

Used for tying silk-worm gut for fishing purposes. It never slips; is easily unloosed by pulling the two short ends.

The two ropes are laid alongside one another, then with each end an overhand knot is made around the standing part of the other. Pull the standing parts to tighten.

Carrick Bend.

Used in uniting hawsers for towing. Is easily untied by pushing the loops inwards.

Turn the end of one rope A over its standing part B to form a loop. Pass the end of the other rope across the bight thus formed, back of the standing part B over the end A, then under the bight at C, passing it over its own standing part and under the bight again at D.

The Mariner's Compass

Boxing the Compass consists in enumerating the points, beginning with north and. . . Read More

Community Reviews

got Eagle Scout with this bad boy

Would that today's youth were trained in this manner. There are a few things that need updating from the 1970s version, but not many, and today's youth - today's adults even - are woefully untrained in this body of general American knowledge and in these skill-sets. Our nation would avoid many of it

Item Title: Boy Scout Handbook (The Centennial Edition)

Item Call Number: HS3313 .B69 2009 ISBN- 978-0839531029
Reviewed in: LME 508

Boy scout handbook. (12th ed.).(2010).Irving, TX: Boy Scouts of America.

Relevance and Relationship—
Spiral bound, best for remaining open while consulting for informatio

The only book you ever need. Describes tracking, camping, citizenship, nature, and a slew of other things that everyone should know about. If everyone really read this book, courtesy would be reestablished and crime would disappear. Read, or at very least skim this book. Every page has something tha

Ah, yes. The Boy Scout Handbook Some years they are wonderful, other years the members believe the editors have lost their way.

But, some of my best memories are associated with being a Boy Scout leader. This book is an important part of instruction to teach young people to grow into good, healthy ci

this is a fantastic book full of useful practical information

This book is an essential guide toward understanding wilderness survival as well as pre-military training and life training in general.

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