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Bowser the Hound

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

Old Man Coyote craftily leads Bowser the hound away from home, and Bowser gets lost. Will Bowser find his way back to Farmer Brown's? Will Reddy Fox finally catch himself a chicken, now that Bowser is no longer guarding the hen house? This is one of many delightful books by the naturalist Thornton W. Burgess, who wrote children's stories featuring the animals of the Green Forest and the Green Meadows.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .As I live," he muttered, "that is Bowser the Hound! It certainly is. Now what is he doing way over here? I've never known him to go so far from home before."

May beat a heart that's kind and true.
The worst of scamps in time of need
Will often do a kindly deed.
Bowser the Hound.

"Caw, ca-a-w!" exclaimed Blacky the Crow. Bowser looked up to the top of the tall tree where Blacky sat, and in his great, soft eyes was such a look of friendliness that it gave Blacky a funny feeling. You know Blacky is not used to friendly looks. He is used to quite the other kind. Bowser came out of the old sugar house where he had spent the night and whined softly as he looked up at Blacky, and as he whined he wagged his tail ever so slightly. Blacky didn't know what to make of it. He had never been more surprised in his life. He did. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Love listening to these on the Canon plus app

Absolutely lovely children's story. Echoes out from a culture where basic goodness crashes through modernity like a thunderclap.

Always a sucker for a good dog story, I enjoyed it a lot (my copy was a 1927 one) with fun illustrations. Clearly a young child's story, but in the typical Thorton Burgess style, it was fun & brought life lessons in an entertaining way to the reader (and any listeners). Simple & charming.

In 3rd grade the librarian at the city library saw me looking for a book to read. When she saw I couldn’t find anything she showed me this book. I read it and it changed my life. I continued to read several of the green meadows books but this was always my favorite. Now after over 60 years I decided

My 6-year-old and I enjoyed this story of a dog that got lost after chasing a fox and getting injured. A crow helped him find people to care for him and then helped him get home again.

Bowser the Hound was lost in the snow and was so cold until he came to a farm with people and they took care of Bowser the Hound and fed him food and dried him off and warmed him and I think they said that "this dog won't be able to stay here any longer." And Bowser the Hound set off and then Bowser

We've been going back and reading some of the Burgess books we missed. We enjoyed it. We just read Old Man Coyote so all the characters in this one were ones we knew. This is the only Burgess book I've read that feels like it has a real ending with all is well for all (even Reddy Fox) so that was n

Another great book, but not all that much about Bowser the Hound. My 4 and 5 year old boys loved it as a read aloud!

Bowser the Hound. The story is actually not that only focused on Bowser, but it is centered around mainly 3 characters: Bowser himself, Blacky the Crow, & Reddy Fox. The story begins when Bowser had been chasing Old Man coyote until the latter tricked him and lured him far far away from his home. Bo

That was a good book. It teaches many morals in a simple way to children. But the book is not that simple. It has many twist.

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