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The Book of Household Management

Mrs. Isabella Beeton

Book Overview: 

Mrs. Beeton’s "The Book of Household Management" is a guide to all aspects of running a household in Victorian Britain. It was an immediate bestseller, running to millions of copies within just a few years. In the cookery sections, Mrs. Beeton follows the animal “from his birth to his appearance on the table.” Learn how to care for poultry during moulting season, how to wean calves, how to cure hams, salt cod, carve mutton, and much more.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .are to accompany cannot be too much studied, in order that they may harmonize and blend with them as perfectly, so to speak, as does a pianoforte accompaniment with the voice of the singer.

356. THE GENERAL BASIS OF MOST GRAVIES and some sauces is the same stock as that used for soups (see Nos. 104, 105, 106, and 107); and, by the employment of these, with, perhaps, an additional slice of ham, a little spice, a few herbs, and a slight flavouring from some cold sauce or ketchup, very nice gravies may be made for a very small expenditure. A milt (either of a bullock or sheep), the shank-end of mutton that has already been dressed, and the necks and feet of poultry, may all be advantageously used for gravy, where much is not required. It may, then, be established as a rule, that there exists no necessity for good gravies to be expensive, and that there is no occasion, as many would have the world believe, to buy ever so many pounds of fresh meat, in ord. . . Read More

Community Reviews

It's completely astounding how much involvement went into running a victorian household of good standing. Thank goodness for modern conveniences and lower standards! *lolz*

Just out of curiosity, I picked up Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, a handbook for women to deal with daily life in and outside the home. Mrs. Beeton was a star in the 1860s and this book was insanely popular for decades since the writing. It held true for several decades but now it seems

Patīk man tas viktoriāņu laiks. Grāmatā sniegti padomi sievietēm,kā vadīt mājas dzīvi (jo neko citu jau viņas nevar darīt). Bītones kundze dod padomus,kā gatavot (jāsaka,šo daļu lasīju pa diognāli, man kaut kā neinteresē,kā pagatavot Himalaju trusi pusdienām), padomus,kā uzvesties,kā audzināt bērnus

A "straw feminist" a feminista változata a hírhedt szalma ember. A szalma ember a személy, aki feltalálta a tulajdon egy pontot, általában összefogást szálat a másik oldal érveit, és hiedelmek, valamint a hamis nyilatkozatokat tett a másik oldalon. Gyakran elofordul, hogy szalmát ember kifejezetten

Wow, Where have I been? I totally knew nothing about Mrs. Beeton. Now that I have read this I am so impressed with the capabilities of the Regency and Victorian woman. Those that from everything I have read in novels were stay in bed late and ring a bell for tea, were actually hotel managers and sup

This book has everything you need to know in order to make it as a Victorian head-of-household!

* Instructive Eurocentric narratives of progress/throwing shade at "the Orientals" (because they invented everything before Europeans did, but of course they did it all wrong)
* A helpful tabular account of

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