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The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore

Laura Lee Hope

Book Overview: 

In this third volume of the “Bobbsey Twin Series”, the twins – Nan and Bert and Freddie and Flossie – go with their family to visit relatives at the seashore. Excitement and adventure are sure to abound!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Hank, himself, turned round, looked in the window, and shouted:

"All right there?"

"Guess so," called back Mr. Bobbsey, "but we don't see the ocean yet."

"Oh, we'll get there," drawled Hank, lazily.

"We should have gone all the way by train," declared Mrs. Bobbsey, in alarm, as the stage gave one squeak louder than the others.

"Haven't you got any lanterns?" shouted Mr. Bobbsey to Hank, for it was pitch-dark now.

"Never use one," answered the driver. "When it's good and dark the moon will come up, but we'll be there 'fore that. Get 'long there, Doll!" he called to one horse. "Go 'long, Kit!" he urged the other.

The horses did move a little faster at that, then suddenly something snapped and the horses turned to one side.

"Whoa! Whoa!" called Hank, jerking on the reins. But it was too late!
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Community Reviews

Five stars for a childhood favourite. Growing up in the 60s my parents had an old copy of this that I read and re-read. At that time I had never seen the sea; at age seven when I first saw Lake Superior I thought it was the sea, what with the waves and not being able to see the other shore and all!

I liked the first 2 books in the series better. There were too many coincidences and outrageous happenings in this novel for it to be believable.

OK I gave this book five stars because that is what I thought of it as a child. I mean how cool would it be to be a twin and have siblings that are twins ( I actually know a family like that) AND to go on adventures.. I found this book at the thrift store and read it as an adult.. it was cute and a

I lived on the Bobbsey Twins books right after Dick and Jane showed me how to read!

Having just finished reading "The Bobbsey Twins In The Country ," which precedes this book , I quickly went on to Book # 3 in the series !! " The Bobbsey Twins At The Seashore " is just as good and fun as the previous book !! These books were written over a hundred years ago , and it does show in th

It was okay. I read it because it was there in the basement when we were stuck for three hours during impending tornado doom, which never happened. It was poorly written and completely unrealistic but when I was a kid, I loved these books.

When my mother was a little girl, she would visit a local shop every Saturday and use her allowance to buy herself a bag of chips, bottle of pop, and a Bobbsey Twins book. She saved them for her daughters and it became the first series either of us read.

Recently, I decided to downsize my life. I r

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