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The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat

Laura Lee Hope

Book Overview: 

The Bobbsey family are are staying on a houseboat for summer vacation! At first all seems to be going well - what with fishing, playing with friends, and exploring the river. But then a mean farmer arrives, who seems determined to stop the trip. Why? Where has Will Watson, his mistreated hired boy, run away to? Who is stealing food from the houseboat? Who or what made the strange noises the cook heard? And can the twins solve the mystery?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He stopped suddenly, and seemed to be listening.

"What is it?" asked his wife.

"There seems to be some one on this boat beside ourselves," answered
Mr. Bobbsey. "I'll go look."


The Bobbsey twins looked at one another, and then at their mother, as Mr. Bobbsey went out of the living room of the houseboat, toward the stairway that led up on deck.

Bert tried to look brave, and as though he did not care. Nan moved a little closer to her mother. As for Flossie, she, too, was a little frightened, but Freddie did not seem at all alarmed.

"Is it somebody come to take the boat away from us?" he asked in his high-pitched, childish voice. "If it is—don't let 'em, papa."

They all laughed at this—even Mr. Bobbsey, and he turned to look around, half way up the stairs, saying:

"No, F. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I grew up on the Bobbsey Twins and this was one I never owned so only read it in 4th and 5th grade because my school library had it. I love these stories. Because it's been so long I see how dated they are but oh such a sweet family story.

This book was a light read, a nostalgic one a family with two pair of twins with the parents having a good time at a houseboat, the house cook was so sweet too, and oh so caring! I liked all other characters it actually reminded me of childhood as I read books like these in school. I would love it m

I have the 1955 edition which doesn't seem to be listed on Goodreads.

The twins' cousins are back for another appearance.

This "purple" edition features a more outdated story and illustrations (one of a handful in the "purple" editions) which made the story less enjoyable for me. I did not like it as

I read these books as a child 1950’s

Also I'd have loved to see a crossover with Bobbsey Twins and the Aldens. That would have been one epic houseboat trip!

Book six in the series and this one for the plot see the title b because that is what it is about, there are all sorts of adventures along the way, the kids are both annoying and endearing.
The old style phonetic writing of the black characters speech is somewhat jarring and awkward, but overall it

The houseboat was really cool, but I thought that they would just stay on the boat and keep going, only stopping at the water fall to explore. Also, I did not like the captain in the beginning because I thought he was mean.

i liked it

3.5 stars

The Bobbseys have two set of twins. Bert and Nan are 9-years old and Flossie and Freddie are 5. When they find out their father has bought a houseboat, they are excited to go on a trip! Shortly before they leave, they meet Will, a boy who works for a farmer a little ways away.

This was cut

This book was another delightful tale of the Bobbsey Twins and their adventures. In this story, the set out on their new houseboat for their summer vacation. They encounter a mean farmer, a mystery of disappearing food, and a your boy who has been mistreated. All in all another cute, sweet, and old-

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