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The Blue Lagoon

H. De Vere Stacpoole

Book Overview: 

Two shipwrecked children grow up on a South Pacific island. This beautiful story of adventure and innocent love was H.D. Stacpoole’s most popular work.

Made into a popular movie starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .And all with a terrible languor of movement. Vast and lazy and sinister, yet steadfast of purpose as Fate or Death, the fog advanced, taking the world for its own.

Against this grey and indescribably sombre background stood the smouldering ship with the breeze already shivering in her sails, and the smoke from her main-hatch blowing and beckoning as if to the retreating boats.

"Why's the ship smoking like that?" asked Dick. "And look at those boats coming—when are we going back, daddy?"

"Uncle," said Emmeline, putting her hand in his, as she gazed towards the ship and beyond it, "I'm 'fraid."

"What frightens you, Emmy?" he asked, drawing her to him.

"Shapes," replied Emmeline, nestling up to his side.

"Oh, Glory be to God!" gasped the old sailor, suddenly resting on his oars. "Will yiz look at the fog that's comin'—"

"I think we had better wait here for the boats," said. . . Read More

Community Reviews

شعرت أني أقرأ روبنسون كروزو، لكن تلك المرة مع شاب وفتاة بدلا من البحار الوحيد
جميلة وتستحق القراءة على أي حال

شعرت أني أقرأ نسخة أخرى من رواية روبنسون كروزو، لكن مع شاب وفتاة تلك المرة على جزيرة منعزلة

روبنسون كروزو مجددا لكن تلك المرة شاب وفتاة ينجحون في النجاة وإقامة عائلة صغيرة في جزيرة معزولة، بها كثير من ملامح روايات روبنسون كروزو والعائلة السويسرية لكنها تظل رواية ممتعة

1908 novel that was the basis for the film of the same title. Pure escapism, but beautifully written. The baby's birth was a little unbelievable, but Google does say it is rare but possible. The children do seem incredibly naive by today's standards, but not perhaps for two isolated wealthy children

Dicky (Richard):Quisiera que caiga del cielo un libro enorme con todas las respuestas a nuestras preguntas, para saberlo todo
Emmeline: No, es imposible. Sólo Dios sabe todas las respuestas.

Una historia en dónde dos niños sobreviven a un naufragio y son criadas por Paddy, un viejo soldado naviero, (o

الكتاب ده جيه في وقته، سلام داخلي وأنت بتقراه بعيد عن دوشة كل حاجة حتى دوشة الكتب، لا صراع ولا نزاع ولا ملحمية ولا فلسفية ولا عمق ولا توتر أعصاب ولا أي حاجة غير ان انت هتخلص الكتاب بدون أي أستراحة، علشان الأحداث هادية وماشية على وتر واحد ومافيش مبالغات من الكاتب، بإختصار اللي حصل حصل واللي كان كان،،

Stacpoole's 1907 novel tells of two innocent children who find themselves marooned on a tropical island in the Pacific after the ship carrying them to San Francisco catches fire and eventually explodes. They are initially accompanied by Paddy Button, an illiterate sailor who dies in a drunken stupor

It seems that many people base their opinions on this book by how well it stood up to the 80s movie. Well, I have not seen the movie, nor do I want to. The book describes things perfectly.

After their ship catches fire, two children (cousins) are tossed into a dingy with Paddy, an able seaman. They d

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