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The Blue Bird for Children

Maurice Maeterlinck

Book Overview: 

On the night of Christmas a boy and a girl, Tyltil and Mytil, are visited by Fairy Berilyuna. Fairy's granddaughter is sick and can only be saved by the Blue Bird. Thanks to the Fairy's magic gift children have the opportunity to see the soul of things. Inanimate objects Clocks, Fire, Water, Bread, Sugar, Milk transformed into beings with their own character. Together, they set off on a dangerous journey for the fabulous Blue Bird.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Fairy to Tyltyl.

Our hero hastened to obey, but he had not the knack of it yet; besides, his hand shook at the thought that his father was coming. In fact, he was so awkward that he nearly broke the works.

"Not so quick, not so quick!" said the Fairy. "Oh dear, you've turned it too briskly: they will not have time to resume their places and we shall have a lot of bother!"

There was a general stampede. The walls of the cottage lost their splendour. All ran hither and thither, to return to their proper shape: Fire could not find his chimney; Water ran about looking for her tap; Sugar stood moaning in front of his torn wrapper; and Bread, the biggest of the loaves, was unable to squeeze into his pan, in which the other loaves had jumped higgledy-piggledy, taking up all the room. As for the Dog, he had grown too large for the hole in his kennel; and the Cat also could not get into her basket. The Hours [Pg 26] alone, who were accustomed always to . . . Read More

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روشنایی: من همین جاها هستم، خیلی دور نمیرم. کسانی که من را دوست دارند و من هم آنها را دوست دارم همیشه من را پیدا می کنند.

بچه های من عزیزک های من! من همیشه ساکتم و نمیتوانم مثل آب زمزمه و‌سخنوری کنم. فقط روشنایی دارم که صدایی نداره... من همیشه پاسبان بشرم... به یاد بیارید که من در هر شعاع ماه که می

موریس مترلینگ دانشمند و فیلسوف و نمایش نامه نویس مورد علاقه من ...
این نمایش نامه به قدری زیبا بود که از خوندنش به هیچ وجه گسل نشدم ...
این کتاب برنده جایزه نوبل هم شد و در زمان خودش خیلی از مغازه ها و فروشگاه ها به خاطر این نمایشنامه، اسم پرنده آبی رو برای خودشون انتخاب کردن

یه نمایشنامه‌ی عالی تمثیلی که از خوندنش به شدت لذت بردم اما واقعاً سؤال بزرگی تو‌ذهنم هست اینه که اکت‌های به شدت سوررئال این نمایش چطوری روی صحنه اجرا می‌شه

I was bored to oblivion in my grandmother's summer home, lying on a cot, looking at a wall of books, none of them had colorful or pretty covers. In fact, most of the covers had nothing but gray and maybe an abstract drawing. My grandmother was a book editor and did not believe in pretty covers, it w

روشنایی: بچه‌های من، عزیزک‌های من!... من همیشه ساکتم و نمی‌تونم مثل آب زمزمه و سخنوری کنم. فقط روشنایی دارم که سر و صدایی نداره... من همیشه پاسبان بشرم... به یاد بیارید که من در هر شعاع ماه که می‌درخشد، هر ستاره که به شما می‌خندد، هر شفق صبح، هر چراغ روشن، هر فکر خوب و روشن روح شما حاضرم و با شما حر

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