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The Black Tulip

Alexandre Dumas

Book Overview: 

The Black Tulip, written by Alexandre Dumas, is a historical novel placed in the time of Tulipmania in the Netherlands. The novel begins with the 1672 politically motivated mob lynching of the de Witt brothers and then follows the story of Cornelius van Baerle, godson of Cornelius de Wit. Cornelius Van Baerle has joined the race to breed a truly black tulip – and to win the prize of 100,000 guilders, as well as fame and honor. As he nears his goal he is jailed and then of course rescued – by the beautiful Rosa, daughter of the jailer.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ir mutual devotion in the face of death made sure the existence of their brotherly affection beyond the grave.

At the time when Cornelius van Baerle began to devote himself to tulip-growing, expending on this hobby his yearly revenue and the guilders of his father, there was at Dort, living next door to him, a citizen of the name of Isaac Boxtel who from the age when he was able to think for himself had indulged the same fancy, and who was in ecstasies at the mere mention of the word "tulban," which (as we are assured by the "Floriste Francaise," the most highly considered authority in matters relating to this flower) is the first word in the Cingalese tongue which was ever used to designate that masterpiece of floriculture which is now called the tulip.

Boxtel had not the good fortune of being rich, like Van Baerle. He had therefore, with great care and patience, and by dint of strenuous exertions, laid out near his house at Dort a garden fit for the c. . . Read More

Community Reviews

”Contempt for flowers is an offence against God. The lovelier the flower, the greater the offence in despising it. The tulip is the loveliest of all flowers. So whoever despised the tulip offends God immeasurably.”

In 1672 two brothers Cornelius and Johan de Witt (Grand Pensionary/prime minister of H

The Black Tulip proffers the readers a magnanimous range of human emotions, ranging from hatred, greed, loyalty, jealousy, obsession, and above all the 3 most striking emotions of tolerance, love, and dedication!

The first-seven chapters with gruesome political-historical content and neighbor-hatre

Dumas is a fantastic story-teller. This was not published originally in periodicals (magazines) — it was published in its entirety in 1850. I found it hard to put down and at some point I could not put it down. I did not think it was going to be that good. The first chapter was the introduction of a

الحق دولة و الباطل جولة
َوالعدل والحب الطاهر المتسامح سيظلان دوما في ندرة الزنابق السوداء

في أواخر روايته قرر دوماس ان يصارع الظلم لمرة اخيرة من خلال بطله السجين الشاب: كورنيليس فان بيرل  المتفرغ لتجاربه المحمومة لانبات زنابق سوداء؛ليفوز"بمائة الف جيلدر هولندي "؛هو لا يهتم بالسياسة اصلا و لكنه يُسجن

I have read this several times. I love the complexity of it, as well as it's simplicity.

If you are into love stories - this has a great one - of loyalty, devotion, and self-sacrifice.

If you are into studies of human nature - here too. It explores mob-mentality, politics, truth as it relates to jus

"دنیای ادبیات کلاسیک فرانسه رو دوست دارم"،.سادگی لذت بخشی داره..و ارزش های روشن..خوبی,بدی..همه خیلی واضح و بدون شک و تردید به صحنه وارد میشن...دنیای ادبیات کلاسیک فرانسه رو دوست دارم...

سال ۲۰۱۸

What I like with Alexandre Dumas is that he’s easy to read, despite the facts that he’s clever, he always made historical researches (or had them done by Auguste Maquet?) for his historical novels or plays and had a good knowledge of men hearts, minds and behaviours. The only thing that he misses is

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