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The Black Moth

Georgette Heyer

Book Overview: 

The year is 1752. Devil, the Duke of Andover, and highwayman Jack, the Earl of Wyncham are at odds over a country squire’s beautiful daughter. Cheating at cards, the marital problems of the younger sister of the Duke and the younger brother of the Earl, and debts beyond imagination form the backdrop for this romance.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I do squander your money. Say you do not care! Say that nothing matters so long as I am happy! Why do you not say it? Does anything matter? Don't be prudent, Dicky! Be wild! Be reckless! Be anything rather than grave and old!" Her arms crept up to his coaxingly. "Take me to London!"

Carstares smoothed the soft hair back from her forehead, very tenderly, but his eyes were worried.

"My dear, I will take you, but not just yet. There is so much to be done here. If you will wait a little longer—"

"Ah, if I will wait! If I will be patient and good! But I cannot! Oh, you don't understand, Dicky—you don't understand!"

"I am sorry, dear. I promise I will take you as soon as possible, and we will stay as long as you please."

Her arms fell away.

"I want to go now!"


"Very well—very well. We will go presently. Only don't reason with me."

He looked at her concernedly.

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Community Reviews

The Black Moth was Georgette Heyer’s first novel, and it shows. It's fun, but very lightweight.

It's got a HIGHLY melodramatic plot, centering around one Lord John Carstares (our hero, Jack) who's been accused of cheating at cards - the SHAME! especially since he only confessed to protect the real ch

Oh novel, how do I object to thee? Let me count the ways...

1. The title is a phrase that refers to the villian that is mentioned ONLY ONCE over the course of the novel. And it has something to do with the way he dresses. Really, guys? Can't we come up with something more, you know, related to the st

I have a soft spot for Georgette Heyer, whose novels shaped my late childhood/teenage reading years. ‘Devil’s Cub’ is still my favourite and there are echoes of it here in the author’s debut novel. It’s a garrulous little affair though, with too many characters straddling a frequently rambling plot.

So, Georgette Heyer's brother was sick, so she cheered him up by . . . writing this complex swashbuckling romance . . . as a teenager . . . and then beginning her prolific career. What an icon! I love her, I love her books. This one was great, not as frothy as some of her later romances, but actuall

This is the first GH novel I ever read many moons ago and started me on my life long love affair with her books. It is apparent, at times, that this is an early novel but I thought it was done really well. Jack, the hero is quite likeable but slightly irritating at times. Part of the story I found k

I love this author, I am ADDICTED to this genre, and am the biggest fan of the language used in the melodramas of the 18th and 19th century, so well done here. But I barely got through this book...
I disliked it tremendously! Than, why am I giving it 2 stars? One is for the stylistics of the prose, a

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