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Billy Whiskers, The Autobiography of a Goat

Frances Trego Montgomery

Book Overview: 

This delightful children's story can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike! A mischievous goat, Billy Whiskers, gets into trouble so often that the book could be named, "Billy Trouble Whiskers"! This humorous story will bring you many chuckles and give you a chance to get lost in Billy's adventures with childlike enthusiasm. From riding in a police car, to being a firehouse mascot, getting married, and finding himself a circus goat, Billy's adventures will certainly keep you entertained!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I'll raise my bid to two dollars cash."

"Not on your life will I sell him for that," said Tim.

"Then how does three strike you, or you keep your goat for I won't pay another cent. It costs too much to keep a big goat like that; they eat up everything on the place."

This Tim well knew and as he was short of money and a circus was coming to town the next week, he decided to let him go. But not without one last effort to get a little more out of Mike. Now Mike had a hunting knife Tim had long coveted, though it had a rusty blade and a wobbly handle, so he said:

"I'll tell you what I'll do, Mike. I'll let you have him for three dollars cash and your hunting knife with a package of cigarettes thrown in."

"All right, it's a go!" said Mike. So Mike took hold of Billy's rope and led him into his yard and thus Billy changed hands once more and became the property of Mike O'Hara.



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Community Reviews

Oh that Billy Whiskers!

I'm afraid if I don't give it five stars, Billy might ram down my door and hook me just like he did to about the half the characters in the book. I'm not saying those guys didn't deserve it, but...more

HILARIOUS! If you have goats or love goats or even if you despise goats, you must read this book. My daughter (9 yo) reads parts of it over and over and can never keep a straight face. What an accurate portrayal of goat mischief!

Came across this series in a second hand shop. The covers were beautiful and I was intrigued that a whole series could be written about the life of a goat. Unfortunately, it wasn't that great, even for a goat lover. For the size of the book, there was no overarching plot. Billy kind of an the same t

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I had a few of these books as a child (I think my father had had them as a boy in the 20's) and thought that they were hilarious. My son (8) thinks they're a hoot, too.

This is a really cute book, highly enjoyable, especially for goat lovers. Each chapter is a short story in itself that stands alone for a quick read, perhaps a bedtime story. Although seemingly directed at children, it holds charm and old-fashioned quaint ways and illustrations that will delight adu