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Barchester Towers

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

This is the second in Trollope’s ‘Barsetshire’ series of novels. The later novels in the series move away from Barchester itself but ‘Barchester Towers’ is very much a sequel to the first book ‘The Warden’.

The old bishop dies, the archdeacon, Dr. Grantly fails to succeed him and a new bishop, Dr. Proudie is appointed. Dr. Grantly gains a worthy foe, not the new bishop but his wife, Mrs. Proudie, strict sabatarian and power behind the Episcopal throne together with the bishop’s chaplain, Mr. Slope.

John Bold is also dead and Eleanor, now a wealthy young widow sets clerical hearts fluttering. The new bishop must deal with the wardenship of Hiram’s Hospital. Will it go to Mr. Harding? All is to play for. Then the old Dean dies and the stakes are raised.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .My dear Mr. Harding,
Your assured friend,
Obh. Slope

The Palace, Monday morning,
20th August, 185––

Mr. Harding neither could nor would believe anything of the sort, and he thought, moreover, that Mr. Slope was rather impertinent to call himself by such a name. His assured friend, indeed! How many assured friends generally fall to the lot of a man in this world? And by what process are they made? And how much of such process had taken place as yet between Mr. Harding and Mr. Slope? Mr. Harding could not help asking himself these questions as he read and re-read the note before him. He answered it, however, as follows:

Dear Sir,

I will call at the palace to-morrow at 9:30 a.m. as you desire.

Truly yours,

S. Harding

High Street, Barchester, Monday

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Community Reviews

This is by far the best Trollope novel that I've read. His writing is clever, satirical, and almost hilarious that I felt as if I was watching a comedy. Perhaps it's unfair to compare this Victorian novel to a comedy, but the comicality achieved by Trollope through some of the characters paints such

Me ha gustado mucho más de lo que esperaba, me ha atrapado casi desde el principio y las últimas 200 páginas las he devorado.
La historia sigue a una serie de personajes que viven en Barchester y van a sufrir un gran cambio en sus vidas tras la muerte del obispo y la llegada de su sucesor.
La narrac

To call this a delight is an understatement.

"Till we can become divine we must be content to be human, lest in our hurry for change we sink to something lower."
- Barchester Towers, Anthony Trollope

This was lovely. Barchester Towers in probably Trollope's best known and most popular work. It could stand alone, but really should be read after W

The 2nd Barchester novel. Some of the church politics is rather too esoteric (but less than The Warden), but mostly it is charming, astutely ascerbic and amusing, yet also a little twee. But Eleanor is a feisty and somewhat unconventional heroine for a male writer of Trollope's time.

The names of mo

«Οι Πύργοι του Μπάρτσεστερ»,είναι μια ανθρώπινη εκδήλωση συμπεριφορών και συναισθημάτων.
Πύργοι γεμάτοι ρομαντισμό και άρωμα παλιών και πολλών αιώνων που μολύνθηκαν απο κάποιες τραγωδίες και ακολουθούν την κλίμακα αξιών της ανθρώπινης ζωής.
Όσο εξελίσσεται η πλοκή και η δράση των πρωταγωνιστών μας α

Barchester Towers is the second in the fabulous of six Barsetshire novels by the illustrious Anthony Trollope a man with an acute imagination which this series displays. Set in a sleepy fictitious cathedral town, in mid nineteenth century England, no other writer could excel in chronicling. Eleanor

This is hilarious. The odious Mr. Slope slimes his way through the upper class elements of the church looking for power and patronage and love in a village where nothing ever happens. It's not so much a question of will-he/won't he, more how much more will he dare and who will fall for it? There's a

“There is no happiness in love, except at the end of an English novel.”

A visit to Victorian England & indulging myself with another re-read of the delightful Barchester Towers.

A new bishop is coming to town (the fictional Barchester in the fictional Barsetshire) greatly disturbing the stagnant wate

It is with great regret that I assign my dear Trollope a mere four stars—really four-and-a-half stars. To me, the most shameful part of being slightly disappointed in Barchester Towers was just how much weight is given to the novel: not only in terms of Trollope’s own oeuvre, but in terms of Victori

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