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Ayala's Angel

Anthony Trollope

Book Overview: 

Lucy and Ayala Dormer are left penniless by the death of their parents. Ayala is taken in by their rich aunt Lady Tringle and Lucy by their poor uncle Mr Dosett. The girls find it hard to get used to their new surroundings. Lucy becomes engaged to one of her father’s artist friends but they are too poor to marry. Three different men fall in love with Ayala but none live up to her ideal of the perfect man. Will Lucy be able to marry her sweetheart and will Ayala find her ‘Angel of Light’?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .There were many candidates for Glenbogie on this occasion. Among others there was Mr. Frank Houston, whose candidature was not pressed by himself,—as could not well have been done,—but was enforced by Gertrude on his behalf. It was now July. Gertrude and Mr. Houston had seen something of each other in Rome, as may be remembered, and since then had seen a good deal of each other in town. Gertrude was perfectly well aware that Mr. Houston was impecunious; but Augusta had been allowed to have an impecunious lover, and Tom to throw himself at the feet of an impecunious love. Gertrude felt herself to be entitled to her £120,000; did not for a moment doubt but that she would get it. Why shouldn't she give it to any young man she liked as long as he belonged to decent people? Mr. Houston wasn't a Member of Parliament,—but then he was young and good-looking. Mr. Houston wasn't son to a lord, but he was brother to a county squire, and came of a family much . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Ayala’s Angel is very much about love and romance and finding the perfect person to marry, almost to the point where our ‘heroine’ Ayala’s obsession with finding the man who personifies the ‘Angel of light’ could get wearing. As this is a Trollope novel though, filled with humor and wit and pointed

Another Trollope that I loved! This novel had so many subplots, but Trollope wove them all together so well! There were wonderful characters: Ayala, Lucy her sister and Hamel, Col. Jonathan Stubbs, Sir Thomas and Tom Tringle, Captain Batsby and Gertrude, and all the huntsmen like Larry Twentyman who

Ayala's Angel reads like a lighter version of Thackeray's Vanity Fair, with the main difference that whereas the latter is, to quote wikipedia, "a panoramic portrait of English society", the former deals primarily with matrimony in Victorian times.

It must be admitted that the book's plot is weak and

It had been a while but Trollope never disappoints. He grabs you, tells you everything about everything and continues to do so retroactively as necessary as the chapters move along so that you settle in with an omniscient guide who is perfectly willing to comment on the actions, words and motivation

Maybe there will be a longer review soon.

Reason for the rating.... I really like reading Anthony Trollope. And I really liked reading this book, too. it wasn't quite as good as some of the other novels of his I read, it was more just focused on the 'love' story and didn't have quite as much of the

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I am quite sure that everyone will have a different Number 1 on their list of things they quickly tire reading about, and maybe there will even be varying ideas as to the second-least interesting thing to read about. However, I am al

Ayala's Angel is of my favorite Trollope novels, which says something. Part of the appeal of this book is the primary love story between Ayala Dormer, an impecunious orphan of about 18, and Colonel Jonathan Stubbs, the red-haired, homely, but attractive gentleman who loves her.

Ayala is attracted to

The title caught my eye because I'd never heard of it--turns out with good reason. One of the last of Trollope's 47 novels, he wrote it in less than 4 months, and it shows. It reads like he sat down and wrote without a plan. At that point he'd become so popular it probably didn't matter. I recommend

I have read enough of Trollope to realize that the travails of getting married constitutes one of his grand themes. In Ayala's Angel, we have no fewer than four couples who are trying to overcome the insuperable barrier of so and so many pounds per annum. (It seems that no gentleman got anything so

Ayala's Angel by Anthony Trollope is delightful. Although he was older when he wrote this book (his 80th book!), the story and characters are sweet. Ayala and her sister Lucy are orphaned and taken off to their aunts and uncles. Ayala goes at first to the wealthy family and Lucy to the poorer one. T

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