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The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Book Overview: 

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin is the autobiography of the British naturalist Charles Darwin.

Darwin wrote the book, which he entitled Recollections of the Development of my Mind and Character, for his family. He states that he started writing it on about May 28, 1876 and had finished it by August 3.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I used often to sit with him, for he was a very pleasant and intelligent man.

Mr. Leonard Horner also took me once to a meeting of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, where I saw Sir Walter Scott in the chair as President, and he apologised to the meeting as not feeling fitted for such a position. I looked at him and at the whole scene with some awe and reverence, and I think it was owing to this visit during my youth, and to my having attended the Royal Medical Society, that I felt the honour of being elected a few years ago an honorary member of both these Societies, more than any other similar honour. If I had been told at that time that I should one day have been thus honoured, I declare that I should have thought it as ridiculous and improbable, as if I had been told that I should be elected King of England.

During my second year at Edinburgh I attended ——'s lectures on Geology and Zoology, but they were incredibly dull. The sole effect . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I have attempted to write the following account of myself, as if I were a dead man in another world looking back at my own life. Nor have I found this difficult, for life is nearly over with me. I have taken no pains about my style of writing.

This is the quintessential scientific autobiography,

ზოგადად ძალიან საინტერესოა ხოლმე ადამიანების განვლილი გზის კითხვა და თან ეს ადამიანი თუ ჩარლზ დარვინია მითუმეტეს. დარვინი გულწრფელად ყვება თუ რამ მოახდინა მის აზროვნებაზე გავლენა, ვინ იყვნენ ის ადამიანები, რომლებსაც დიდი წვლილი მიუძღვით მის განვითარებაში და რაც მთავარია წიგნი დაღუნძლულია პატარ-პატარ

One of the best ways to disarm critics of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection would be to get them to read his posthumous autobiography, originally edited by his son, then rereleased in an unexpurgated version by his granddaughter. Whatever one might believe about the bible, or punctua

First of all for me Charles Darwin is indeed one of the most influential person to walk on this earth. And what makes this book extremely enjoyable is the fact that it is compiled from the letters which he himself wrote. Now the good part is that he has written this in hindsight and hence there is a

Siempre es interesante conocer algo más sobre la vida de personajes tan importantes y sobre todo si se trata de Darwin, al que le tengo gran admiración. En esta biografía contada por él mismo nos cuenta sus teorías o experiencias narradas en otros libros, a parte de otros detalles de su vida. No obs

"...I could not employ my life better than in adding a little to natural science. This I have done to the best of my abilities, and critics may say what they like, but they cannot destroy this conviction." ~Charles Darwin (pg 104)

A very atypical autobiography, written more for the benefit of his chi

There were several pleasant surprises for me in this book, the first of which was how engaging a writer Darwin was. He had a natural, easy flow to his writing that pulled me along and I found it hard to stop reading. There are many very amusing anecdotes (the story of how he tried to carry three rar

“If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once every week.”

Oh, Darwin! I cannot understand how anyone could hate such a passionate and loving soul!
This memoir is a must-read for everyone. It teaches readers how the human-sci

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