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Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad

L. Frank Baum

Book Overview: 

Aunt Jane's Nieces Abroad is the second of the ten book series of Aunt Jane's Nieces. The story continues with the three much loved girls - the sweet and generous Patsy, the cunning Louise, and the sullen Beth. This time they're on a tour of Europe with their down-to-earth uncle John Merrick.

The benevolent uncle and his nieces meet mysterious and sinister Victor Valdi, his daughter Tato, and a pretend nobleman, Count Ferralti, who fancies Louise. The story revolves around travel and kidnapping, and the subsequent adventures of the three young girls, told in Baum's own inimitable style that keeps us at the edge of our seats.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .a friend of mine who has always wanted to go abroad, and so has the whole programme mapped out in his head."

"Is it in his head yet?" enquired Patsy, anxiously.

"No, dear; it's in the left hand pocket of my blue coat, all written down clearly. So what's the use of bothering? We aren't there yet. By and bye we'll get to Eu-rope an' do it up brown. Whatever happens, and wherever we go, it's got to be a spree and a jolly good time; so take it easy, Patsy dear, and don't worry."

"That's all right, Uncle," she rejoined, with a laugh. "I'm not worrying the least mite. But when folks ask us where we're going, what shall we say?"


"And then?" mischievously.

"And then home again, of course. It's as plain as the nose on your face, Patsy Doyle, and a good bit straighter."

That made her laugh again, and the strange Italian, who was listening, growled a word in his native language. He wasn't at all a pleasant . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I gave this a three because the description of the 1906 eruption of Mt Vesuvius (or more to the point, the description of the ash fall in Naples) was very good. For the rest, it was amusing, but more of a literary curiosity than anything else. The series really should be called Uncle John's nieces s

Good fun!

An odd and clunky plot, but the female main characters remain interesting enough that I finished it.

Popsugar 2020: A book by a journalist.

What started off with plodding detail, finally got interesting when the entourage arrived in Europe just in time to see Vesuvius erupt. Though Uncle John is a lovely character, I cringed at his American attitude to inconvenience and ways of life that were different.
When they left the area of Vesuvi

Picture it… Sicily 1907… a few wealthy Americans go on a pleasure cruise and wind up awash in the ashes of an active volcano before reaching their hotel. They meet colourful dandies of suspicious virtue and become entangled in the bizarre local hierarchy of law and mafia; A mafia which seems to hold

An old fashioned story about girls written by Frank L Baum under a woman's pen name. Enjoyable.

John Merrick neemt zijn 3 nichtjes Patsy, Beth en Louise mee op een reis naar Europa. Na een aangename overtocht met de stoomboot komen ze aan in Napels, waar hun avonturen beginnen. Aan boord hebben ze graaf Ferralti ontmoet, die 'toevallig' hetzelfde reisplan heeft als zij, en zich dus voortdurend

With the fabulous success of his Wizard of Oz books, L. Frank Baum finally found himself financially well off. He and his wife Maud used their new wealth to take a trip overseas. On 7 April 1906 they were witnesses to a major eruption of Vesuvius. This experience becomes the background for Aunt Jane

Pleasant reading.

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