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Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Vol. 30, No. 3

Book Overview: 

This is the third issue of the classic science fiction Astounding Magazine. It contains the opening chapters of a 4 part serialized novel by Ray Cummings, and stories by the prolific Capt. S. P. Meek, Will Smith and R. J. Robbins, Sewell Peaslee Wright and A. T. Locke.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The heights of the lunar mountains, the depths of the barren, empty seas were etched black and white, clear and clean. Grim, forbidding desolation, this unchanging moon! In romance, moonlight may shimmer and sparkle to light a lover’s smile; but the reality of the moon is cold and bleak. There was nothing to show my prying eyes where the intrepid Grantline might be.

“Nothing at all, Snap.”

And Snap’s helio mirrors, attuned for an hour now to pick up the faintest signal, were motionless.

“If he has concentrated any appreciable 319 amount of radio-active ore,” said Snap, “we should get an impulse from its Gamma rays.”

But our receiving shield was dark, untouched. We tried taking hydrogen photographic impressions of the visible moon surface. A sequence of them, with stereoscopic lenses, forty-eight to the second. Our mirror-grid gave the magnified images; the spectro-hel. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Just as much of a mixed bag as I expected.

Again, interesting to see what was considered 'astounding' in the 1930s. Some of which are old hat to us in the 21st century, and some of which (including the secret to life) which still amaze us.

Old Crompton's Secret - rated 3/5 : Begins very strongly with a young scientist discovering how to rever

Another great collection of early speculative science fiction from the golden era. Some of the stories are excellent in hard science fiction while others blur the line with mystery and horror and make this a great collection of short stories. They are easy to read and make for a relative short time

Excelente recopilación, supongo que es un resumen de los primeros años de la revista o de por lo menos los primeros números de la misma

The second issue of this great SF magazine. It contains some well-known names of very early science fiction. Overall I would advise people that this is not great literature, nor is it modern or written for an adult audience. The stories here are fairly simple in plot and character, focusing instead

Another good one. I think the Beetle Horde (that is concluded in this issue) would make a great big budget summer blockbuster movie.

Old Crompton's Secret by Harl Vincent 4/5
Spawn of the Stars
by Charles W. Diffin 4/5
The Corpse on the Grating by Hugh B. Cave 3/5
Creatures of the Light by Sophie Wenzel Ellis 3.5/5
Into Space by S.P. Meek 3/5
The Beetle Horde
(novella) by Victor Rousseau 5/5
Mad Music by Anthony Pelcher 3/5