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Astounding Stories of Super-Science, Vol. 30, No. 11

Book Overview: 

This is a collection of short science fiction stories by various writers including Paul Ernst, Miles Breuer, Ray Cummings, Sewell Wright, and others.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .here from factories; it spread in a haze, and it meant boilers and engines and sound practical machinery of a practical world to the watching man.

What had all this to do with Venus? he asked himself. This was the world he knew. It was real; space was impenetrable; there were no men or beings of any sort that could travel through space. Blake was right: he was on a fool's errand. They couldn't tell him anything up here at the observatory; they would laugh at him as he deserved....

Wondering vaguely if there was a place to turn around, he looked ahead and then up; his eyes passed from the gash of roadway on the mountainside to the deep blue beyond. And within the man some driving, insistent, mental force etched strongly before his eyes that picture and its problem unanswered. There was the ship—he saw it in memory—and it went up and still up; and he knew as surely as if he had guided the craft that the meteor-like flight could be endless.

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Community Reviews

Just as much of a mixed bag as I expected.

Again, interesting to see what was considered 'astounding' in the 1930s. Some of which are old hat to us in the 21st century, and some of which (including the secret to life) which still amaze us.

Old Crompton's Secret - rated 3/5 : Begins very strongly with a young scientist discovering how to rever

Another great collection of early speculative science fiction from the golden era. Some of the stories are excellent in hard science fiction while others blur the line with mystery and horror and make this a great collection of short stories. They are easy to read and make for a relative short time

Good, old-fashioned stories with a lot of atmosphere and some interesting concepts for the time.
Vintage adverts in the back was a nice touch.

The second issue of this great SF magazine. It contains some well-known names of very early science fiction. Overall I would advise people that this is not great literature, nor is it modern or written for an adult audience. The stories here are fairly simple in plot and character, focusing instead

Another good one. I think the Beetle Horde (that is concluded in this issue) would make a great big budget summer blockbuster movie.

Old Crompton's Secret by Harl Vincent 4/5
Spawn of the Stars
by Charles W. Diffin 4/5
The Corpse on the Grating by Hugh B. Cave 3/5
Creatures of the Light by Sophie Wenzel Ellis 3.5/5
Into Space by S.P. Meek 3/5
The Beetle Horde
(novella) by Victor Rousseau 5/5
Mad Music by Anthony Pelcher 3/5