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The Æneid of Virgil Translated Into Scottish Verse


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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Skatterit in the sey, yclepit Cyclades; We slyde throu fludis endlang feil costis fayr. The noys vpsprang of mony marynar Byssy at thar wark, to takilling euery tow,5 Thar feris exorting, with mony heys and how, To speid thame fast towart the realm of Crete, With thar forfaderis and progenitouris to mete. The followand wynd blew strek in our tail, Quhill finaly arrive we, with bent saill,10 Apon the ancyant cost of Curetanys, A kynd of pepill quhilk into Crete remanys. And sone I me enfors with diligence To byg a wallit cite of defens; Pargamea I namyt it, but baid:15 Our folkis than, that warryn blyth and glaid Of this kowth surname of our new cite, Exort I to graith howsis, and leif in le, And rays on hycht the strenth and fortales. Our schippis, or this, ful weil we gart adres,20 And lay almaist apon the dry sand: The ȝong men fortil laubour thar new land, And in honour of wedlok, as is the gys, Makkis thar offerand and thar sacryfys, And I thar statutis . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Impossible to rank a book that is so important, that has so many problems, that holds moments of deep and beautiful simile and metaphor, that treats its lead with shocking inconsistency, whose ending is an eruption of modern plot that redeems the whole book.

The Ferry translation is quick and good an

There are plenty of reviews here telling you why you should or shouldn't read book X. This review of Virgil's "Aeneid," the largely-completed first century BC nationalist epic poem that recounts the Trojan War and Aeneas's role in the eventual founding of Rome, will tell you instead why you should r

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Book Review

3 out of 5 stars to The Aeneid, a classic work written in 17 BC by Virgil.

In The Aeneid, Virgil creates two vastly different archetypal heroes named Turnus and Aeneas. Aeneas is a Trojan prince who has hopes of finding a new Troy in the land of Latium, but he runs into an an

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