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Agatha Webb

Anna Katharine Green

Book Overview: 

A universally beloved woman has been murdered. But who would have the heart to kill Agatha Webb? Would her husband do it for money matters? Or would it be the cook, who died at about the same time? Or would it be the rich and well-connected Mr. Fredrick, who ran away into the woods? This work is also for feminist fiction lovers. As the story starts right after the murder, we see how miss Page, a servant at a rich house who is the sweetheart of the same Mr. Fredrick, wants to join the investigation- and is constantly prevented from doing so by conservative men.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .It was new money. I thought it felt so at night, but I was sure of it in the morning. A brand-new bill, sir, a—But that isn't the queerest thing about it. I was asleep, sir, sound asleep, and dreaming of my courting days (for I asked Sally at the circus, sirs, and the band playing on the hill made me think of it), when I was suddenly shook awake by Sally herself, who says she hadn't slept a wink for listening to the music and wishing she was a girl again. 'There's a man at the shop door,' cries she. 'He's a-calling of you; go and see what he wants.' I was mad at being wakened. Dreaming is pleasant, specially when clowns and kissing get mixed up in it, but duty is duty, and so into the shop I stumbled, swearing a bit perhaps, for I hadn't stopped for a light and it was as dark as double shutters could make it. The hammering had become deafening. No let up till I reached the door, when it suddenly ceased.

"'What is it?' I cried. 'Who's there and . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Not Ms. Green's best work, sadly. The pace is erratic and the tale often slows to a point where it struggles to hold interest in the reader. That doesn't hold true for much of her writing, so why it should do so here, I confess I don't understand; she could write far better than this when she tried.

Enjoyable read from 1899. Does not feel as dated as some from the period. Green must have read Sherlock Holmes. Sweetwater even plays the violin.

I read this bec I saw it on a GR friend's review list. I'd never heard of Anna K. Green, and so much that I then read about her was glowing. Allegedly Agatha Christie learned all her skills from Green. I had high hopes. They were dashed. :( While Green came before AC and may have helped pave the way

I find it difficult to gauge this book... to judge it, to opine... It feels very old-timey, very dated, and as such, different from the books by the Brontes and Jane Austen, whose tales and characters are just as ridiculous to our eyes (with their religiosity and stiff sexual mores and social norms

I wouldn't call this a feminist story at all. Miss Page rudely buts into the investigation in the beginning then becomes a bitch who thinks she has the upper hand by using blackmail against Mr. Frederick. The story also goes into various forms of love & how strong love can be but isn't mushy by any

I don't know why I continually try to read Green's books. I guess I hope to enjoy one of the few female authors of mystery novels of this time, however I am always disappointed with the actuality. This is a basic who-dunnit - woman is found stabbed to the heart but with an exceptionally serene count

First published in 1899, this enjoyable murder mystery takes numerous twists and turns. Colorful characters.

When I first started reading Agatha Webb, it was mildly amusing, a rich brat goes off the night, a pious woman dies and then all of a sudden the brat changes into a good guy, shuns the vampy gf and tries to woo the good girl. A soap opera in the making if ever I saw. The Days of Our Lives or that ev

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