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The After House

Mary Roberts Rinehart

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .She drew her breath in sharply in surprise, but as I dropped her hand our eyes met.

"You should not have done that," she said coolly. "I am sorry."

She left me utterly wretched. What a boor she must have thought me, to misconstrue her simple act of kindness! I loathed myself with a hatred that sent me groveling to my blanket in the pantry, and that kept me, once there, awake through all the early part of the summer night.

I wakened with a sense of oppression, of smothering heat. I had struggled slowly back to consciousness, to realize that the door of the pantry was closed, and that I was stewing in the moist heat of the August night. I got up, clad in my shirt and trousers, and felt my way to the door.

The storeroom and pantry of the after house had been built in during the rehabilitation of the boat, and consisted of a short passageway, with drawers for linens on either side, and beyond, lighted by a porthole, th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Disappointed in The Circular Staircase by the same author, I thought I would give Rinehart another try. The After House was more enjoyable, perhaps because the main character is more sympathetic---a young doctor, just out of medical school, who while waiting for his medical appointment and needin...more

Most people don't realize that this book is based on a true event that happened in the 1890's aboard a lumber ship called the Herbert Fuller. Though Ms. Rinehart changed many of the details, her book brought a new attention to the case and lead, eventually, to the capture of the real criminal, re...more

Lovely classic

Readers must remember that this was written in 1914 and the language used is appropriate for the time. A good story and a puzzle.

I loved this rather gruesome whodunit. The murders take place on a small private ship so the cast of characters (and suspects) is small -- you have the upper-crust owners and guests, and you have a typically ragtag crew. I read a few other reviews that harshly criticize the overt racism and sexis...more

It was a good read, but the ending was a bit of a disappointment. The real killer was found more by accident than by intention. The reader had very little chance of solving the crime accurately, because so few clues were in place to point at the real killer. But I still enjoyed the read!

Many thanks to Ryan over at Wordsmithonia for bringing The After House by Mary Roberts Rinehart to my attention. Despite my love for vintage mysteries, I have only read one other book by Rinehart (The Window at the White Cat) back before my blogging days--and that one made no great impression on...more

This is a short mystery that recounts the events on board the Ella, a luxury yacht that was created by refurbishing a sailing vessel. The day it sets sail is a gorgeous sunny day and there is not a hint about what's to come. When the ship comes back to port, 31 day later, Leslie is the acting cap...more

The first half of this book is amazing: atmospheric, mysterious, enthralling. By the time the boat reaches the shore, it all goes wrong. The courtroom scene just retells in boring detail everything we already know, and the unmasking of the murderer is ridiculous. Still, great beginning!

One of Rinehart's weaker mysteries, largely on account of the resolution, which strains credulity far past the breaking point.

ETA: I learned from another review that this was based on a true story -- a triple murder that took place on the yacht "Herbert Fuller". The book was written to serve as R...more

The first half of this book had me riveted, with a solid four star rating -- however, the last few chapters were not as interesting, and I did not like the ending. Overall a good mystery, though, and well-worth reading.

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