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Guy de Maupassant

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The delicate attentions usually employed to secure a painter or only a literary man, become quite inadequate when the subject is a tradesman of sounds. For him allurements and praise hitherto unknown are employed. His hands are kissed like those of a King, he is worshipped as a God, when he has deigned to execute his Regina Coeli. A hair of his beard is worn in a ring; a button fallen from his breeches one evening in a violent movement of his arm, during the execution of the grand finale of his Doux Repos, becomes a medal, a sacred medal worn in the bosom hanging from a golden chain.

Painters are of less value, although still rather sought after. They are not so divine and more Bohemian. Their manners are less courteous and above all not sufficiently sublime. They often replace inspiration by broad jests and silly puns. They carry with them too much of the perfume of the studio, and those who by dint of watchfulness have managed to get rid of it, only exchange on. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Maupassant's description of himself reminds me of someone I know:

He seems to possess two souls, one of which records and comments on every sensation of its neighbor, the usual, natural sort which he shares with us all. He feels himself fated, always, at all times, to be a reflection of himself and o

"Two short books in a row, this one barely one hundred pages!" Well, I'm trying to close the gap on Doug. Even reading can be a competitive sport. Moreover, it is Guy de Maupassant, for Heaven's sake! Must I apologize for reading him, however brief the book? And what a book it is. This purports to b

I have just reread with great pleasure Guy de Maupassant's compact logbook Afloat, which purports to chronicle nine days aboard his yacht Bel-Ami in spring 1887, as he and his two-man crew set sail from Antibes. However, the title is a bit misleading as, thanks to the weather, Maupassant spends more

Maupassant, I wish you’d sunk this time into writing more stories instead of being a pretentious prick.

Gran Coup de Coeur por este pequeño libro de apenas 160 páginas. Un corto periplo, a bordo de un pequeño navío por la costa del sur de Francia, en el que los pensamientos de Maupassant son los principales protagonistas.
El escritor, mecido por las olas y el viento e inspirado por el paisaje que lo r

   D’après Maupassant, il a écrit ce récit pour lui-même, pour « arrêter les idées errantes » qu’il a eu dans sa tête, mais qu’il a été demandé de le faire publier toute de suite, sans révision ou quoi que ce soit, et il l’a fait. Et tous ces éléments sont évidents.

   Il commence une partie avec se

Un relato muy corto, pero lo que he disfrutado con ese principio...more

"Я один, в самом деле один, в самом деле свободен!" - дневник свободного человека, отдыхающего от всего на яхте, на воде. Легкий морской бриз относит прочь суету и мелочность мира, приземленность и озабоченность своей персоной.
Очищенный от всего этого, повествователь рассуждает о вечном: о преклоне

This is an odd, half-hearted sort of book which purports to be one thing and shades into another. At first, we are presented with Guy de Maupassant as amateur captain of a sailboat named the Bel-Ami, after his most popular novel. He complains about being forced to be a sociable human being, yet for

A delightful surprise! De Maupassant kept a diary during a voyage in his yacht, the Bel-Ami. He describes some of the places he visits and relates interesting past visits or histories.

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