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The Adventures of Unc' Billy Possum

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

Another short story for children by the well-known conversationalist and writer, Thornton W. Burgess. This story revolves around Unc' Billy Possum and his adventures.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .And he is no more, for he died last night."

"Very good, Sah, very good. Ah cert'nly am obliged to yo'all for yo' serenade," said a voice that seemed to come out of the tree at Reddy's back.

Reddy Fox sprang up as if some one had stuck a pin into him. Every hair stood on end, as he looked up at Unc' Billy's doorway. Then his teeth began to chatter with fright. Looking out of Unc' Billy's doorway and grinning down at him was something that looked for all the world like Unc' Billy himself.

"It must be his ghost!" said Reddy, and tucking his tail between his legs, he started up the Crooked Little Path as fast as his legs could take him.

Reddy never once looked back. If he had, he might have seen Unc' Billy Possum climb down from the hollow tree and shake hands with Jimmy Skunk, who had just come along.

"How did Ah do it? Why, Ah just pretended Ah was . . . Read More

Community Reviews

It was amazing because Farmer Brown's Boy kept trying to trap Unc' Billy Possum but in the other book, I think it was "Peter Rabbit", Farmer Brown's Boy caught Unc' Billy Possum by the tail.

This is one of several Thornton W. Burgess books that I remember my dad reading to me and my sister when we were little. Loved them. Later read it on my own.

Ol' Billy Possum besluit te verhuizen van Virginia naar het Groene Woud. Hij heeft het er erg naar zijn zin, en laat ook zijn familie overkomen. Peter Rabbit wil een verrassingsfeestje organiseren voor de Possums, maar Sammy Jay en Reddy Fox zijn niet uitgenodigd. Zij komen het toch te weten en w...more

The primary reason I like this book is my daughters, 7 and 9 at time of reading, loved it. I also love it's timelessness. A child's introduction to nature through the lens of the animals. The love and respect the animals have for each other, and the disrespect of some, are palpable and engaging

Love It!

So fun to read in the accent of Unc' Billy Possum! A great read to little ones! Highly recommend all the books by this author.

i liked it

The Burgess Books

This is a phrase that brings a smile to my face as often as I hear it. As a young child, I would lose myself for hours in the simple world of the wood and pond inhabited by Little Joe Otter, Buster Bear, Grandfather Frog, and terrorized by Farmer Brown's Boy. I can remember the...more

In The Adventures of Unc Billy Possum, poor Unc Billy is hungry for eggs, and finds his way into Farmer Browns hen housebut when Farmer Browns boy sets traps around while he is sleeping, he is stuck until snow covers the traps. Then, Farmer Browns boy is able to track him to his hiding place by h...more

Its very unfair for Reddy fox because all he did was same to what billy possum did. But In the end all the stardom goes to billy possum.
Thornton preaches more logical things rather to be only Saint things.

these Thornton Burgess books were writen in the early 1900's (this one in 1914) I'm reading them to my kids .... they were actually my favorite books as an elementary schooler. I bought about 25 of them a year or so ago on Amazon... and now that i'm reading them out loud to my kids I remember why...more

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