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Adventures of Reddy Fox

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

The Adventures of Reddy Fox is another in the series of children’s stories by conservationist Thornton W. Burgess. In this story, Reddy and Granny Fox must outsmart Farmer Brown’s Boy who is out to get Reddy for stealing his pet chicken. Along the way, Reddy encounters many of the citizens of the Green Meadows and the Green Forest and with him we learn little lessons about life such as: the perils of being a show off; the importance of using all of one’s senses; that it is a fine thing to show sympathy and kindness to others – even our enemies; and that the value of a grandmother’s wisdom is inestimable.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Reddy Fox is getting so puffed up that pretty soon he won't be able to see his own feet," said Peter Rabbit.

"Well, what if he doesn't?" demanded Jimmy Skunk.

Peter looked at Jimmy in disgust:

"He comes to grief, however fleet, Who doesn't watch his flying feet.

"Jimmy Skunk, if you didn't have that little bag of scent that everybody is afraid of, you would be a lot more careful where you step," replied Peter. "If Reddy doesn't watch out, someday he'll step right into a trap."

Jimmy Skunk chuckled. "I wish he would!" said he.

Now when Farmer Brown's boy heard about the boldness of Reddy Fox, he shut his mouth tight in a way that was unpleasant to see and reached for his gun. "I can't afford to raise chickens to feed foxes!" said he. Then he whistled for Bowser the Hound, and together they started out. It wasn't long before Bowser found Reddy's tracks.

"Bow, wow, wow, wow!" roared Bowser the Houn. . . Read More

Community Reviews

الرواية أو القصص القصيرة تتحدث عن ريدي فوكس، ثعلب صغير يتعلم أصول الثعلبه من جدته الحكيمة.
ريدي ثعلب لعاب، مزعج ويحب المقالب والتظاهر وإثارة إعجاب الآخرين بحركاته الخطرة التي تعود عليه بمواقف لايحسد عليها في الغابة.
أحببت كثيراً أسماء حيوانات الغابة، بها الكثير من الكوميدية العالية xD
في أجزاء من الق

Kids absolutely devoured this

I have made this year (2023) about trying to get control of my TBR by reading books that have been on my list for longer than 5 years. Some have been on my TBR for as long as 10 years. In any case, I have several dozen Thornton Burgess books that were my Bedtime story books as a kid. When I got my f

Thornton W. Burgess is best known as the author of the children's classic books about Peter Rabbit, or Peter Cottontail. He wrote a series of 20 children's books set in Peter Rabbit's forest, and this was the first, originally published in 1913.

Don't let the distant publication year stop you from re

I really liked the part when they moved into the tree and when Reddy Fox fooled Bowser the Hound; and when Granny did it.

I thought Reddy was really clever and Bowser the Hound and sometimes Granny Fox. My favorite part was when Granny Fox showed Reddy how to run across the bridge without falling.

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