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The Adventures of Prickly Porky

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

A stranger from the North Woods has just arrived in the Green Forest causing a great stir among the woodland creatures who live there. They quickly discover that this odd fellow with the barbed spikes in his fur is the loyal and brave Prickly Porky the Porcupine. Not long after Prickly Porky arrives, a bit of early morning fun leads to a forest mystery that draws friends and foes alike into the investigation of an unknown headless, tailless, whirling creature seen only at sunrise on the hill by Prickly Porky's home.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ss, which seemed to be to strip every bit of the bark from the tree and eat it.


THE Merry Little Breezes soon spread the news over the Green Meadows and through the Green Forest that a stranger had come from the North. At once all the little meadow people and forest folk made some excuse to go over to the big poplar tree where the stranger was so busy eating. At first he was very shy and had nothing to say. He was a queer fellow, and he was so big, and his teeth were so sharp and so long, that his visitors kept their distance.

Reddy Fox, who, you know, is a great boaster and likes to brag of how smart he is and how brave he is, came with the rest of the little meadow people.

"Pooh," exclaimed Reddy Fox. "Who's afraid of that fellow?"

Just then the stranger began to come down the tree. Reddy backed away.

"It looks as if you were afraid, Reddy Fox," said Peter Rabbit. . . Read More

Community Reviews

3 stars & 3/10 hearts. This is a humorous, quick read. I enjoyed reading about Granny & Reddy Fox & Old Man Coyote being fooled, and I loved how brave little Mrs. Peter Rabbit was! 

A Favourite Quote: “He was very busy, was Redeye, telling all who would listen how happy he was and what a beautiful wo

I liked when Unc' Billy Possom was pulling a piece of bark out of Prickly Porkey's mouth when he was choking and Granny Fox and Reddy Fox and Old Man Coyote were tricked by him and they thought he was like a monster without a tail or a head and just a big chestnut burr going after them.

A charming book. Thornton Burgess brings back fond memories. I grew up one town over from Hampden, MA. I lived there in my 20's. This is where the actual great woods and green meadow are located. There is a preserve called Laughing Brook. The elementary school is named Green Meadows and the middle s

Childhood memories

Loved these stories when I was a child. A special memory which I like to revisit from time to time.

Cute short stories for children.

In this adorable collection of animal stories, Prickly Porky makes a friend, Granny Fox loses her dignity, and Old Man Coyote loses his appetite.

First introduction to Burgess (I should say, first book of his I've read in full). Charming stories of woodland animals and their interactions. I liked it especially because it actually contained a little mystery to puzzle out. We took our time going through this one, a chapter here and there. Towar

My 7 year old read this aloud to me. We've yet to discover a Burgess book we haven't fallen in love with.

The Burgess Books

This is a phrase that brings a smile to my face as often as I hear it. As a young child, I would lose myself for hours in the simple world of the wood and pond inhabited by Little Joe Otter, Buster Bear, Grandfather Frog, and terrorized by Farmer Brown's Boy. I can remember the ver

The Adventure of Prickly Porky is about the animals who live in Green Forest. It introduces readers to Prickly Porky who is new to the forest. The story is about how Prickly Porky makes friends and plays tricks on the other animals. The book was originally written in the early 1900s and there are wo

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