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The Adventures of Pinocchio

Carlo Collodi

Book Overview: 

The Adventures of Pinocchio is a novel for children by Italian author Carlo Collodi. It is about the mischievous adventures of Pinocchio, an animated marionette, and his poor father, a woodcarver named Geppetto. It is considered a classic of children’s literature and has spawned many derivative works of art.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .up very straight in his chair, stroked his long beard, and becoming suddenly kind and compassionate, smiled proudly as he said to Pinocchio:

"Well, what do you want from me now, Marionette?"

"I beg for mercy for my poor friend, Harlequin, who has never done the least harm in his life."

"There is no mercy here, Pinocchio. I have spared you. Harlequin must burn in your place. I am hungry and my dinner must be cooked."

"In that case," said Pinocchio proudly, as he stood up and flung away his cap of dough, "in that case, my duty is clear. Come, officers! Tie me up and throw me on those flames. No, it is not fair for poor Harlequin, the best friend that I have in the world, to die in my place!"

These brave words, said in a piercing voice, made all the other Marionettes cry. Even the officers, who were made of wood also, cried like two babies.

Fire Eater at first remained hard and cold as a piece of ice; but th. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Eu am copilărit cu Buratino sau Cheița de aur, care e o rescriere a povestirii lui Collodi. Așadar, am crezut multă vreme că inventatorul păpușii de lemn vorbitoare e Alexei Tolstoi. Mă înșelam amarnic. Cîțiva ani mai tîrziu, am dat peste Pinocchio într-un raft al bibliotecii de la Palat*. Am citit

بچه‌ی فامیل اومده بود خونه مون و خواستم براش داستان تعریف کنم تا بشینه و وسایل اتاقم نفس بکشن ، گفتم چی تعریف کنم برات؟ فرمود : پینوکیو
خواستیم داستان گفتنمون فان‌تر بشه، گفتم اسم شخصیتها رو عوض کنیم . انتخاب با شما (بچه فامیل)
فرمود به جای پدر ژپتو بگو کیان ایرانی( مختار داره مجدد پخش میشه؟) به جای

As is the case with many great and memorable children's tales, Pinocchio is predominated by the threat of violence and death. At one point the incorrigible puppet is actually lynched by a Fox and a Cat who are after his gold coins. The Talking Cricket (the model for Disney's Jiminy Cricket) is kille

Outside of religious texts, The Adventures of Pinocchio is the most translated book in the world. It's now printed in over 300 languages and continues to be one of the best-selling books ever published. Surprised? I was. I guess I assumed Disney's movie had long-ago made the book irrelevant. Clearly

مازلت أذكر ذاك اليوم الذي جاءتني فيه ابنة اختي ومعها قصة " بينوكيو " مصورة وموجزة ..
" هبة اربوكي احكينيني حكاية بينوكيو "

Le Avventure di Pinocchio = The Adventures of Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi

The Adventures of Pinocchio is a novel for children by Italian author Carlo Collodi, written in Pescia. The first half was originally a serial in 1881 and 1882, published as "The tale of a puppet", and then later completed as a bo

المجد للمخيّلة العظيمة التي خلقت لنا بينوكيو.

This was a challenge and a treat — reading the original story of Pinocchio in Italian! It’s been a long time since I saw the Disney movie, but it was obvious to me that Disney, er, Disney-fied the story quite a bit. The original tale is a lot darker and a lot funnier. I loved the fight with Gepetto

هو صبي كسول كذوب..متعالى احمق ..عاق شقي..يريد ان يحظى بمزايا الانسانية..دون متاعبها..و لآ مسؤوليتها..لكن..لا :بينوكيو ليس مجرد عروسة خشبية..بل هو نموذج نصطدم به مرارا في حياتنا اليومية
هو من يقابل كرمك اليومي بالجحود..و المحبة بالامبالاة..و الاهتمام بالاستهتار..ها هو جيبيتو صانع اللعب و مانح السعادة

I don’t have kids. I read this for pleasure as a 32-year-old man. And, surprisingly, I definitely enjoyed it. As I made my way through the book, though, I kept trying to picture what a kid would think. It’s very weird. VERY weird, and kind of dark too. I’m not very familiar with the Disney version o

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