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The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

The Adventures of Paddy Beaver is another in the long list of children’s books by the conservationist, Thornton W. Burgess. In this book, the industrious and clever Paddy Beaver, a newcomer to the Green Forest, has encounters with Sammy Jay, Jerry Muskrat, Ol’ Man Coyote and other inhabitants of the Green Forest. Along the way, we learn how Paddy builds his dam and his house, and how he stores his food. We also learn little lessons about life, such as the importance of planning before doing, caring for Nature, trusting others, the benefits of working together and how wonderful it is to have a job one can sink one’s teeth into.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .tree in which he was sitting.

Sammy wasn't hurt, but he was wet and muddy and terribly frightened—the most miserable-looking Jay that ever was seen. It was too much for all the little people who were hiding. They just had to laugh. Then they all came out to pay their respects to Paddy the Beaver.

CHAPTER V Paddy Keeps His Promise.

Paddy the Beaver kept right on working just as if he hadn't any visitors. You see, it is a big undertaking to build a dam. And when that was done there was a house to build and a supply of food for the winter to cut and store. Oh, Paddy the Beaver had no time for idle gossip, you may be sure! So he kept right on building his dam. It didn't look much like a dam at first, and some of Paddy's visitors turned up their noses when they first saw it. They had heard stories of what a wonderful dam-builder Paddy was, and they had expected to see something like the smooth, grass-covered bank with whic. . . Read More

Community Reviews

3.5 stars & 4/10 hearts. This is a nostalgic read for me, since it’s one of the first books I read. It’s humorous, it’s got good lessons, and it’s got a touch of suspense as well. 

A Favourite Quote: “Sammy is so used to hearing bad things about himself that to hear something nice like that pleased h

Words, language and the beauty of a story well told has been all but lost on the contemporary reader, myself included! I was reminded of this as I listened to this delightful tale narrated by a lovely trained reader whose interpretation of these animal adventures took me to a beautiful green forest

It's been a rough week - family member out of commission from a bacterial infection and the Senate out of commission from a Putin infection. All I had time and energy for reading the past few days was this little treasure from childhood, that sits on the tiny child-sized bookshelf from my childhood

This sweet story about Paddy the Beaver teaches about the value of hard work and also about friendship. There is no striking plot, other than building a beaver dam, but the descriptive story explains Paddy's hard work in preparation for winter. Kids will learn about the animals as well as appreciate

I loved all of these books when I was a kid. My mother read them to us. I bought a bunch, intending to read them to my kids, but they didn't really ever like them. Oh well. I have always enjoyed the stories of how the animals interact with each other, and the tricks they play on each other, and how

This one had a little longer chapters than others I've read. Ends on a good note and doesn't setup another book which would be nice for a stand alone book when you don't want to reread the whole series. It is a different story than the Adventures of Jerry Muskrat which had introduced Paddy to us or

What a fun read!

Classic, wholesome, and under-discovered

Unless my grandmother had read these to me as a boy I don’t think I would have ever been exposed to this treasure of Americana. Easy to read with characters that kids love to hear about and closely relate to, the stories emphasize traditional values of hard w

Thornton W. Burgess used his animal tales to educate children about the ways of animals and teach life lessons. The amusing stories of various creatures of the forest make for charming tales that are so fun and interesting that the children of yesteryear may not have even noticed that they were lear

The Burgess Books

This is a phrase that brings a smile to my face as often as I hear it. As a young child, I would lose myself for hours in the simple world of the wood and pond inhabited by Little Joe Otter, Buster Bear, Grandfather Frog, and terrorized by Farmer Brown's Boy. I can remember the ver

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