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The Adventures of Grandfather Frog

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

Longlegs the Blue Heron felt decidedly out of sorts. It was a beautiful morning, too beautiful for any one to be feeling that way. Indeed, it was the same beautiful morning in which Grandfather Frog had caught so many foolish green flies.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ifficult thing to do, because, you know, his voice is very harsh and disagreeable. "The truth is, I haven't had a mouthful of breakfast and to be hungry is apt to make me cross. Where did you say Grandfather Frog is?"

"I didn't say," replied Little Joe, "but if you really want to know, he is sitting on his big green lily-pad in the Smiling Pool fast asleep right in plain sight."

"Thank you," said Longlegs. "I believe I have an errand up that way, now I think of it. I believe I'll just go over and have a look at him. I have never seen him asleep."

"Thank you," said Longlegs. "I believe I have an errand up that way." Page 10.

Longlegs Visits The Smiling Pool

Longlegs the Blue Heron watched Billy Mink and Little Joe Otter disappear down the Laughing Brook. As long as they were in sight, he sat without moving, his head drawn down between his shoulders just as if he had nothing more important to think ab. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I really like these books as a read around to the kids and the kids enjoy them too

3 stars & 3/10 hearts. A lighthearted read, good and funny. It was rather enjoyable to see Grandfather Frog as other than the Oracle of the Smiling Pool. ;) There are a few mentions of Old Mother Nature.

A Favourite Quote: “The truth is, Grandfather Frog was more afraid of being laughed at than he wa

I can never read Burgess without thinking how his stories just go rollicking along so quickly you can hardly keep up with them. Such a delightful read-- almost as much fun reading it aloud to my own daughter as it was to have my dad read it to me at bedtimes long ago. Chug-a-rum, Grandfather Frog, I

I enjoyed reading this book to the girls. Lots of little wisdom gems.

Everything about this is delightful! The chapters are short (perfect for bedtime!), the moral conclusions are clear and just, the vocabulary is sophisticated without being overwhelming to young readers, and the story is clever and enjoyable for all ages. We will definitely be seeking out more of Tho

I liked when Bowser the Hound or Black Pussy played with Grandfather Frog. Bowser the Hound went first, and then went Black Pussy. You'll find out what happens.

A stubborn codger of a bullfrog encounters great embarrassments and receives undeserved mercies.

A delightful book of short stores, great for kids bedtime reading, about Grandfather Frog and his adventures in Smiley Pond, his home, and what happens when his cousin the Toad convinces him life is better in the great big world. The misadventures of what happens to Grandfather Frog is quite enterta

My kids and I really enjoyed this read aloud, and we are looking forward to reading more books in this series.

In dit boekje leren we weer andere dierenpersonages kennen, zoals de kikker, de pad, de reiger en de muskusrat. Maar ook Danny Meadowmouse en Farmer Brown's Boy zijn weer van de partij. Heel leuke reeks.

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